Building literal bridges

Would the devs consider making water maps as fun to play as others by adding the capability to build bridges? Here’s a taste of what that might look like.

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Oh, thought you had found some way to hack the game to add bridges. That’s kinda disappointing.


Click bait to get views.


afaik bridges are currently terrain. it’s not possible to give a unit the ability to change terrain with any existing mechanics (can someone who knows the scenario editor better than me confirm this)

Also this is yet another of the ‘please completely change an aspect of this 20 year old game’-posts. we don’t need huge changes to this game. fix what is broken, don’t touch the rest

Bridges are walkable buildings that modify the appearance of the terrain beneath to a land-type terrain that looks like water. Using a similar principle you can actually set up in-game visual terrain modification to a pretty remarkable degree using Scenario Editor. Things that I’d consider to be revolutionary even, although I’ve never seen anyone else use them aside from bridge tricks.

It has it’s limitations of course - AFAIK you can’t fundamentally alter whether a terrain is treated as “land” or “water,” in terms of unit movement, which is at the heart of this discussion. Or change elevation.

But almost any kind of visual “terraforming” is possible. For example, you can build roads in-game, create snowfall, mud, puddles, high/low tides, etc. You can even alter terrain behavior with regard to buildings - for example, changing shallows or water to buildable terrain. I think you could even make what appears to be a functioning buildable bridge, but this would have to be a trick of sorts.

Would be great to have Maps with Rocky landscapes which have small space to maneuver ships hence you need to build Bridges to move along the map and Defend the bridge to avoid the other player move into your territory.