Building Rotation Must be a Feature

I think, when you’re playing RTS, and with today’s technology, we must get some freedom in how we want to place our buildings in the map.
Most Modern day RTS has this feature. Sometimes we just want to gaze into the graphical world that we create and Building Rotation can add that extra level of satisfaction we get as a player.


While I don’t consider it a mandatory requirement I do think it would be a simple and nice addition. It was possible in AOM with some editing and can just make your town look a little bit less repetitive.

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I would like this too! I agree it’s not quite a necessity but it would be great.

You can actually rotate pastures and houses. These seem to be the only rotatable buildings (apart from gates and wall towers). Just push them against other buildings before building them and you’ll see what I mean. There is also 2 variations of houses. Press house hotkey you see one house. Escape and press it again you see a different house with a different garden/chicken enclosure layout. The house I tested this with was an English one but I assume it applies to other civ houses? Pasture is obviously Mongol. Curiously one of the 2 house variations has NO door. Mildly infuriating if you like to zoom in and imagine you’re making a city.

Rotate the camera! :wink:


The one issue is that buildings need to be easily recognizable for other players. It becomes more challenging if they can be rotated. I suppose they could make it visible only to the builder.

Add it to the list of well known existing Age franchise features that didn’t make it into AoE4. The Devs promise continued content updates, so here is hoping we get it sometime in this game.

Definitely not a must since all buildings are squares. The only things so far where orientation matters are gates and (barely) pastures, and those can be rotated.

There is a benefit to gameplay in keeping them facing the same direction, it makes it easier for players to recognize each building. There is really no functional gameplay benefit to being able to rotate them.