Building Stone Walls vs Destroying Stone Walls

Imho, building stone walls should take more time for a villager due the fact they are super strong in Feudal Age.

There are a lot of strategies about trying to slow down your opponent in Feudal and Castle Ages, because some civs like Chinese are too strong in Imperial Age. But everything is neglected by stone walls in Feudal Age, built by 1 villager in a matter of seconds, while the time invested to breach it is a lot more.

Some players leave unfinished stone walls, and that is enough to block a path.

Military units should be able destroy unfinished stone walls, or move through them. It makes no sense to be blocked by a stone wall with 10 HP in underconstruction.

What do you think about it?


Stone walls are defensive and protect from early pushes. If your entire play revolves around pushing enemies early on, you need to change it. If enemy is building stone walls means he has invested in stone which can slow their age up. Instead of building army you can beat them in Castle Age by not pushing. I think stone walls are useless against siege units and any one barely uses them in late game.

I think you can also make siege tower to bypass wall. Never tried.

I agree with half built walls. The units should be able to damage unfinished walls.


They can simply implement a timer in which automatically removes unfinished walls after let’s say 1-2 minutes of idle time.

Otherwise I think that Stone Walls need either a buff or that siege units needs a nerf towards the Stone walls as right now they die super quickly in the late game and considering they have given us this new feature to have units on the walls, and stone towers etc I’d like to see more options for real siege battles taking place.

Currently I think that the siege units does way too much damage and to reduce that a bit would be nice to promote more siege battles with siege towers etc.

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I know siege are insane in late game, but my post is about stone walling in feudal age, that is early game.

Building stone walls in feudal age is as easy as destroying them in imperial age, 2 situations, 2 unbalance situations.

I would re-balance this by making the Stone Walls a Castle Age building, and buffing them or nerfing the siege engines. With this, Feudal Age is still open for early raids and if you want to be defensive, put wooden walls. Nerfing the siege engines is a meta changing while buffing the walls is not.

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Stone walls barely stand up to siege as is.

Good point here about Feudal stone walls however - I would say perhaps, why not have stone walls in Feudal have lesser HP than stone walls in castle, and stone walls in imperial?

Scaling HP basically.

It is an option, and a viable one. But the time required for building them should also scale, more time in feudal age, less time in imperial.

But i dont what a 3 layers of wall protecting a Wonder :frowning:

Yeah, scaling build time is a good idea as well.

Thematically it makes sense - with each successive age, the walls are stronger, but obviously will take longer to build.

It’s a huge investment to build walls in feudal, I’m used to draw but a small circle or square around my TC, and it already takes me 800~1000 stones each time. With that amount of resources you can jump to castle or prepare an assault already, it’s only natural that such investment can neglect an assault.

Yes I agree with this. I don’t know how they should exactly change it but it’s a big shame that atm it’s not really viable to have epic battles with units on top of walls. If walls were much stronger then you’d be encouraged to use siege towers more too.

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in AOE3DE me and my teams used to build a 6 to 8 layer wall and it was the best fortress ever. this new stone wall ok looks more real. i love it, but it seems sooo breachable… and I cant build not even 3 layers… its is sooooo easily destroyed by bombards that it loses use