Buildings do not change appearance with age progression?

Look at the houses surrounding the landmark building for the ages. They are almost the same in different ages.
Or that’s just a showcase of the landmarks and does not correspond to the actual ages in a game (like they’re randomly placing some buildings in the scenario editor and did not set the ages).





It’s possible that buildings in age 1 always look age 1, and then once you hit age 2 only the new buildings you build have an age 2 look, either that or the buildings don’t change at all

Where does it says that buildings in photo 1 are from age 1, buildings from photo 2 are form age 2, and so on?
We see that buildings evolve when finishing the monument in 0:32 :

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Look at the civilization introduction page. The image is captioned “age 1” etc. so it’s a little misleading.

There are some things wrong in that page, like saying that abassids have two camel units and posting only the camel archer as unique unit (although this maybe means there is another civs with camel riders, so it isn’t unique).
Or the first image you posted. If it says it is from age 1, why is there a landmark already built? (the building with the big tower).

They did not say this “age 1” image contains a landmark.
For the other three images maybe they’re just placing the landmark in the scenario editor but did not set other buildings to that age.


No, it is me who says that building is a landmark, because I don’t recognise it as another type of building.

Probably. Because they explicitly mentioned the landmark in the “age 1” images for the other civs.

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