Buildings glitch out during the collapsing animation

Game Version Definite Edition

  • Build
    Wind 10 (64 bit)

8 Ram


AMD Radeon RX590 (most up to date drivers installed)

CPU Type

Intel® Core™ i5-4690 CPU @ 3.50GHz

  • Platform Steam


When buildings get destroyed… they glitch out, changing between different sprites in rapid succession. It seems to be triggerd more if they get destroyed by melee units.

Reproduction Steps:

I am not sure how to reproduce it… it happens after some time by itself. Its quite random but seems to happen more often when a building gets destroyed by melee units. Also the players buildings appear to be unaffected so far
2. some buildings get more affected than others (mostly production buildings) But the longer the glitch prevails the more buildings get affected. .
Updating GPU drivers fixed it for some time but later the bug came back.
Quitting, reloading, validating game files and reinstalling all have zero effect.
Graphical settings or other settings also have no effect. Game runs fine aside this very annoying bug

(Its impossible to show with a screen shot since its more of an animation issue) I will try to put a video here if that helps.

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