Bulgarian Campaign mission 4 bug

If your hero “dies” while traveling to the camp, he goes on foot and continues.
however when you get to the bulgarian camp, he remounts on a new horse, this deletes the old hero and brings a new one, effectively “killing” him and losing you the mission.

Hi MatCauthon3, I attempted to reproduce this issue in the scenario but could not. Could you confirm that when you have a dismounted foot Ivaylo in the camp, he does convert back into a mounted version then you lose? Does the “Black day for Bulgaria” message display for you? Trying to figure out the exact sequence of events you’ve experienced.

I did address a related issue. Previously, if Ivaylo is ‘dismounted’ after you’ve reached the town, the losing message “Black day for Bulgaria” erroneously displays (although you don’t actually lose).

No i got no message. I didnt even see what killed me until i went back to the map and saw him strolling into my future base on a mount at the moment i lost. I replayed the mission without him getting dismounted without issue