Bulgarian Krepost

The Bulgarians can build a cheap castle- Krepost for 350 stone, with less hit points- 2600. While Castle has 4800 HP. All Towers and castles has minimum 8 range, while Krepost has only 7 range… It is worse than Towers, but 3 times more expensive.
Also, to be useful, Krepost must build Konnik and Trebuchets. I agree, Krepost to NOT can research upgrades. But it must have option to build units- Trebuchets and Konnik. Now, It is too expensive and useless.
Building Trebuchets can NOT be changed with other units. But a player may build cavalry from CHEAP Stable, with wood.
Building Trebuchets is needed for Krepost( at Imperial age ), and making the range equal to the range of Towers and Castles- 8 range.

The Krepost is fine. It scares units away more than a tower ever would, fires more arrows than a tower + can build Konnik > cavalier. It’s already a very strong thing. Building trebuchets would be over the top


Some people would even say that Kreposts are to powerful seeing how Bulgarians easily have leftover stone because of their civ bonus. This is the first time someone said they are useless.


Each Krepost basically has the same damage output as a Castle but also has the large advantage of building faster. It is also a lot more accessible than bombards.

But yes, you do need a Castle at some point if you want Trebuchets. I feel like making Kreposts have completely the same researches/units as Castles would just make Castles useless to these civs.


Krepost has 2 times less hitpoints than castles and can be CONVERTED by enemy monks. It has hitpoints similar to Towncentres. Towncentres are created for 100 seconds( cost 275 wood and 100 stone ), while Krepost- for 150 seconds( 350 stones with 2600 HP). And Castles- for 200 seconds(650 stones with 4800 HP ).
Krepost is very easy to be destroyed or converted at Castle age. And at Imperial age, it become nearly useless.
At imperial age, even Onagers and full upgraded archers, may destroy Krepost at range without any loses. Tower- 8 range, Onager- 8 range, Krepost- only 7 range.

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If you’re losing Kreposts to onagers I would seriously recommend getting blacksmith and university upgrades because there is no way it should happen.

Not even talking about losing them to archers…

  • Doesn’t get blacksmith upgrades
  • Blames the game for the krepost being “too weak”
    Facepalm Mario

I am impressed by the ability of Kreposts to fire 5 Arrows, like a Castle.

I never thought of trying to Convert them either.

Holy ■■■■ the new civs do not need ANY more buffs. The Krepost is ridiculous already, don’t buff it!

Fully upgraded Tower (Keep/arrow slit/bracer) has the exact same Damage/Stone cost, than a castle.
So krepost do more damage/stone cost than tower and castle (Im only speaking of damage, not Hp, it obviously need a drawback), so if you make two krepost, for a little more stone than one tower, you have a massive defense power (if your are able to protect it well).

And maybe more importantly, in late game, you can hit: Maj+Cntrl+T and suddendly you realise that you have the power of spamming a really strong and polyvalent Unique Unit.

For me, the krepost is allready a really strong option, its only lacking fortified wall to make Blgr an real defensive civ.

Umm… blacksmith upgrades?

Love the Bulgarians, the Krepost have his weakness but i think is the best way to increase the number of soldiers and to protect the town Center :smiley:

I think is one of the best Knights Build in the game!

Now Krepost is slow to build- 150- seconds.It has less range that Towers and castles. ( I read opinions that it has big attack, but the barrack units- Champions also have big attack ). It can be converted. If not add to build trebuchets at Krepost, at least may STOP the option to could be converted and increase the range.
In the reallity( in fact ) , 718 AD, the Bulgarians defeated the Muslim Mamelukes, but in that game I can not see how they can do that… Mamelukes are overpowered after the release of Aoe 2 Conquerors, where they received + 50 HP to total of 130 HP. Mamelukes are fast ranged units and can defeat all konniks and paladins. If used properly , Mameluks defeat Halberdiers and Champions without any loses.
But at Aoe 2 Definitive Edition, the mameluks was even more overpowered.
In the reality, The Bulgarians also defeated some Traitors(Degenerates) Western Crusaders ( paladines and teutonic knights), 1205 AD. They went to a crusade campaign against Muslim Arabs and Turks, but when they reach Byzantium, they attacked the Christianians and conquered Byzantium, 1204 AD.
After that these degenerates crusaders attacked Bulgaria, but the bulgarian king- Tsar Kaloyan defeated them, 1205 AD at Adrianople( 240 kilometers far from Constantinople ( Istanbul).
If not add to build trebuchets at Krepost, at least may STOP the option to could be converted and increase the range.

Kreposts are fine and the fact that Bulgaria beat some nations in real life doesnt change this.