'Bulwarks of Christendom' DLC Suggestion

DLC #1: Bulwarks of Christendom

I would prefer if this thread is kept separate from any currently opened ‘civ idea thread’, thank you.

Opening comment:
Due to the release of ‘Lords of the West’ DLC, I have decided I would list out a DLC plan for adding more Slavic nations. My reasoning behind this was "if the devs are adding Burgundians and Sicilians (very weird choices), which are already represented by Franks and Italians (respectively), then West and Central Slavic nations should be added, as ‘Slavs’ is a very bad representation of the many different Slavic nations, and as a Slav myself, I really want my nations and others added, as they were the Antemurale Christianitatis, and with a new DLC release new hope has inspired me to post the following:

Special thanks to @ChesireX42

4 New Civs:

  • Bohemians: Greatest European power in the Middle Ages in its gunpowder usage. Prague was a principal center of intellectual and artistic activity in central Europe. Bohemians’ ‘Hussite Rebellion’ is referenced by certain techs and units.
  • Poles: The Poles were a key power during the Middle Ages, specializing in Cavalry. Many cavalry options are available, including ‘steppe lancers’ - a reference to the Lipka Tatars that settled in Poland.
  • Serbs: A powerful Balkan civilization, fighting on horseback and from bow against Turks, Bulgarians and Magyars (Hungarians).
  • Croats: Croats are a strong infantry civ, and have a navy that could rival the Venetians. One of the Christian strongholds of Europe against Turkish, Mongol attacks

Bohemians Overview:

Coat of Arms:
Gunpowder and Defensive civilization

  • +100 stone and +100 wood when you advance age
  • Gunpowder units move 10% faster
  • Begin with two extra herdables
  • Masonry and Siege Engineers are free

Unique Techs:

  • Pistala: +15% Hand Cannoneer and Tarasnice accuracy
  • Houfnice: Wagon Forts +20% HP, Bombard cannons can be trained in Wagon Forts (Castle Age Tech, still need Imp. Age Chemistry for Bombard Cannons).

Unique Units:

  • Wagon Fort: Created at a castle in Imperial Age, can pack and unpack like a trebuchet. Can train hand cannoneers, crossbowmen, pikemen and bombard cannon (after houfnice tech). Can be garrisoned by all units except for mangonels, ballistae, trebuchets or siege towers. Can fire arrows the same way a town center does (needs to be garrisoned by ranged units).

  • Tarasnice: Light field artillery, trained at the castle. Has a long range, sniper like attack, good against massed targets, or close range attacks (due to inaccuracy at long range).

Team Bonus: Houses +3 LOS

Wonder: St. Vitus Cathedral

Poles Overview:

Coat of Arms:

Cavalry Civilization

  • Farms cost 100 wood, 2 villagers can gather from one farm
  • Scout-line and Pancerni return 33% of cost on death (starting scout is unaffected)
  • Cavalry receive +1 attack for every two castles built
  • Cavalry gain +1 attack in Imperial Age

Unique Techs:

  • Pospolite ruszenie: Pancerni, Hussars, Paladins, Steppe Lancers and Cavalry Archers are trained 20% faster (Castle Age, not as good as Franks and no way near the amount as Cumans).
  • Szlachta: Pancerni and knight line +25% HP (no bloodlines)

Unique Unit:

  • Towarzysz pancerny (pancerni): heavy cavalry melee unit, good against low melee armor units. High pierce and melee armor

Team Bonus: Monks have +20 HP

Wonder: Cathedral of St. Stanislaus and St. Wenceslaus

Available units: onagers, bombard cannons, hand cannoneers, bombard towers, cannon galleons, elite skirmishers, crossbowmen, hussars, paladins, pikemen, long-swordsman, steppe lancer

Serbs Overview:

Coat of Arms:

Cavalry and Archer Civilization

  • Villagers gain +3 melee attack in Feudal Age
  • Cavalry do +15% damage while elevated
  • Archers cost no wood
  • Gold mines last 20% longer

Unique Techs:

  • Popovski Bir: Monasteries generate food (Castle Age)
  • Zamanica: Villager carry capacity +5 and move 10% faster

Unique Unit:
Vlastelini: Heavy cavalry.

Team Bonus: Light Cavalry +10 HP

Wonder: Žiča Monastery

Croats Overview:

Coat of Arms:

Infantry and Naval Civilization

  • Scale Mail Armor, Chain Mail Armor and Plate Mail Armor are free
  • Animals and huntable animals last 15% longer
  • Ships (excluding fishing boats) +1 PA in Castle Age and another in Imp. Age

Unique Techs:

  • Vojvode: -
  • Začinjavci: Monks consume 50% less faith for each conversion

Unique Units:

  • Condura: 10 unit garrison capability and can fire arrows (faster than ordinary transport ship).
  • Vitezovi: heavy infantry armed with schiavone

Team Bonus: Transport ships +5 garrison

Wonder: Zagreb Cathedral

The current civ known as ‘Slavs’ should be changed to what it really represents, the Rus. Adding Poles, Bohemians, Serbs and Croats would open up a large range of campaigns, and add much needed diversity to the game.

This DLC pack could include more campaigns for the new Slav civs and old civs alike.
All opinions are welcome, especially tech tree ideas (I did not have the capacity to even try).


Best idea would be the ‘Age of no new civs’ DLC.

My opinion is that we dont need anymore civs. You may disagree with that statement, but it is definitely not a troll. I dont see any reason why we need more civs. I only see issues with adding more civs in DLC. Like it will divide the community in two. DE is meant to bring the community together. Not to split the community even further. I have no idea how the devs wants to have the ranked ladder combined for players with or without DLC. I dont see any good way to deal with that for example. I think the new DLC will split the ranked ladder in to parts, which is something bad. This is just an example why i dont want new civs.

So this has nothing to do with trolling. This is just sharing my opinion. Feel free to disagree with my opinion, but saying that a different opinion is clearly a troll, is completely wrong.


Byzantines-Chinese like bonus.

What is point of Elite Janissary? Or Indian unique one?

This is better version of Turkish Unique Tech.

Ok but looks like Chinese-Malian bonuses.

Persian/Byzantines-Teutons-Lithuaninas. Are you kidding me?

Malians already have Gold mining is free.

Farms a little bit tricky but I will write all of civs;
Slavs, Japanese, Indians, Britons, Mongols. I think that’s it. I wrote everything without copying and saw this like a challenge.

I forgot Feitoria from scenario editors and mega random.

This is fine even it’s similar with Steppe Husbandry etc. Nice Castle Age tech.

Bloodlines+%10? I don’t know will that catch Frankish Paladins?

Too strong team bonus, please look at Berbers bonus too.

Too strong for a Team bonus and already Pikeman is free for Ethiopians.

I didn’t look at unique units and I am not fan of unique buildings.


Oh, I recently created a topic about this too

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it turns out that you need to divide into Poland, Kievan Rus, Moscow Principality and the Czech Republic


Not really, as it only affects 3 buildings (Chinese affects 2, Byzantines affects all). Similar, but is referencing the strength of Bohemian fortifications.

Bohemian hand cannoneers have 80% vs. Janissary’s 65%, and are cheaper to train, and move faster. These differences are big enough.

Key word: better.

But isn’t. Cheaper and faster is unique combination, will stack with Malian’s Team bonus as well.

It is a reference to this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gord_(archaeology)
I guess I could suggest it for all Slav civs if you want? Again, it is not an exact match with other civ bonuses, so I can’t see the problem.

But not gold shaft mining as well

And? No civ has a 10% increased gather rate from all food sources.

I still do not know what tech tree will be available.

Really? Give me a better suggestion.

Really? Give me a better suggestion.

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Rus, Poland and Bohemia is fine to represent those.


no Kievan Rus and the Moscow principality are different, the current territories of Russia and Ukraine,

of course they were united for a while but this can be said about almost any country

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so your bohemian civilization would be a dead civilization.
zero bonuses until castle age, no economy bonuses of note (no, 10% cheaper University Tech does not count, most UT aren’t researched), and you literally have civilization that won’t do well in the modern era of the game (look at turks as a good recent example).
not to mention the straight up stealing of bonuses from Chinese, Byzantines, and Malians.

as for the Poles.
you have once again stolen from Byzantines, Malians, and a combination of Slavs/Mongols/Britons/Indians/Franks

this goes without saying, anything that is a creation bonus stacks with conscription, but this reeks of stealing steppe husbandry from Cumans.

so not only do they have an insane economy but they now have paladins with 198 health that are trained faster as well.

what is crush armor?

oh and to top it off, not only do they have insane 198 HP paladins, that are created faster, they are also cheaper too. yeah totally can’t see that being busted.


I’m not familiar with Slav history but I think we need to have the more exotic civs such as Georgians or Bantu as priority before these segmentation of umbrella civs.


the main thing is that this civilization really has a rich and interesting culture and history

Merging civilization bonuses non sense. I don’t like bonuses and unique techs similar you are merging civilizations strong way and making them OP.

Not Same, SIMILAR. Problem is being similar.

A unique unit worse than a generic unit. Turks are completely Gunpowder civilization and you are making better version of it. What is point of playing as Turks then?

I said it’s ok.

You can give bonus but give realistic numbers.

It’s too different.

No civ has that because it’s OP.

They need to lack Paladin if you really want that unique tech. Maybe lacking bloodlines and making bonus %30 to Imperial Age Unique Tech can be enough.

Look at Team bonuses, There are LOS bonuses, making some kind of unique unit available bonuses. One of the best bonus Slavic +5 pop from military buildings. So give them something weak. Like House LOS, you have a chance to see drush faster etc.


the fact that turks won’t die before they can get their army out like his Bohemians would. His Bohemians literally need a castle age start to do anything.

You are right but not every civilizations needs early bonus or eco bonus so I think it’s not that terrible or disaster but giving less bonuses to Imp and more to early game can make better balance.

if the current meta is any indication this is flat false. a civ without at least some sort of early game eco bonus doesn’t do anything.


Yes I’m interested in all civilizations but priority first for the exotic ones as I mentioned in my previous post before segmentation of umbrella civs like Slavs, Chinese, Indians or even Saracens.


Okay, this will be strong civ for Arena and team games (usually like 4v4 black forest) and It will take Turkish identity.

Turks weren’t even strong on Arena, they were better then they were elsewhere but that didn’t say much.
and Frankly, given how little play Arena sees, i don’t think that’s enough.

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Slavs must be separated into the smaller groups. One nation to represent Slavia is stupid (although technically we have magyars (Bulgarians? Hahaha))


our opinions are divided I do not want to play for a civilization that has little history under it for the sake of exoticism I so have some idea about it this does not interest me, the more detailed the history the better