Burgandians and Sicilian UT suggestions

When starting in DM, every civ has therr UTs researched except these 2. And reasonably so, otherwise the Burgundian starts will be impossible and Sicilian UTs will be underutilized.

The thing which I don’t like about this is that these 2 civs have to pay for the technologies and also that the secondary effect of these UTs is locked.

The Burgandian gold trickle and the upcoming First Crusade’s conversion resistance can be a deal breaker.

I don’t know about the latter, but for the former I can say that the cost needs to be reduced to 0 and the research time reduced to 1 second of all 4 techs in Post Imperial Starts. Modifying the stats in Post-Imperial starts is something the devs have achieved with the Xolotl Warrior too.

Also if possible, separate the secondary effects from the primary effects and let the permanent effects research automatically when starting in a later age.

Like starting in Imperial Age, Burgandian farms generate gold automatically, but the technology they have still converts food to gold like normal. Sicilians starting in Imperial Age automatically gain conversion resistance.

It might be a balance consideration to think if Burgandians in Post Imperial Age have Flemish Militia activated or not, by default.

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