Burgindians market ups %50 food discount dont work

Burgindians market ups %50 food discount dont work
they still can be done at prevouis age but not effected %50 food discount.
I found this bug so I deserv 1x free relic for every game. pls update new patch with it :slight_smile:

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+1 he is right and they should give permanent 1 relic to him.

if you mean market technologies, then Burgundian civilization bonus should not affect them, as they are not counted as economic bonuses. :slight_smile:

I don’t think they should do that, but if you desire so I will give you one sheep the next time.

Interesting, I always considered them eco-techs and thought it was a shame that Vietnamese couldn’t use their wood discount for them (because they don’t cost wood) but Burgundians could with their new bonus.

This give us space for a future eco bonus focused on market techs (market techs cost 50% gold less, etc)

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I checked it and it works the way it should. The following techs are one age earlier and -50% food:

Mill: all three
Lumber Camp: all three
Mining Camp: all four
Town Center: Wheelbarrow, Hand Cart
Dock: Gillnets
Market: Caravan, Guilds

I did find another bug though. If you are playing as Burgundians and watch another civ’s tech tree in-game, it still gives the Burgundian prices of the techs. However, something similar happens when you play as Chinese and watch another civ’s tech tree, so it is not limited to Burgundians.

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so why there is on before age like other eco ups?