Burgrave builds

Currently, Burgrave never sees use because it is so weak and Regnitz is so strong. But (hopefully) that will not always be the case and Burgrave will become viable at some point. What builds could you think of?

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I think a good buff for Burgrave is to immediately give all Castle Age MAA upgrades upon completion and make infantry health upgrade available in Castle Age through the landmark (a mirror concept with French Knight health upgrade available in Castle).

The only situation where HRE might go military landmark for castle age is when

  1. Locked in a protracted feudal battle; and
  2. Gaining half map control is not viable in the near future

If you are locked in a feudal battle, you likely don’t have control over a good portion of the map since HRE doesn’t have anything too special when it comes to feudal army composition. Sure, HRE has early MAA, but, if you made MAA to defend yourself, you probably don’t have the resources to tech up faster than your opponent. Which, if you are defending against Rus, you already lost your relics after they reach castle first.

The problem with Regnitz is that you are sitting with basically a worthless piece of landmark until you have relics in. If you are locked in a feudal battle, it might be too risky dumping all the resources in just to not reap the benefits for a long while. So, if you lost map control, it’s may not be worth it. But the alternate is pretty useless too. They gotta make Burgrave a better tool to get a higher quality army composition quickly for HRE.


That would be amazing! Too good really. I think even just giving the Veteran upgrade for free would be a big boon because right now you have to build a barracks if you want upgrades while pumping MAA.

I would alternatively like to see the upgrades not tie up the production queue, so that with one building you could have upgrades going while units are being produced. That would include simultaneous spearman upgrades as well, which are often the bottleneck to a tech switch against cav.

Or both. Veteran MAA for free and all other rax upgrades have their own queue.

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I think the way to make Burgrave viable is by changing the regnitz. Not nerf it per se, but something close.
What if Regnitz would add 200% but can store up to 5 relics instead of 3?
That way it generates 1000 gold per minute with 5 relics inside (rather than 900 with 3) yet getting there is even harder, which means you might want to go for Burgrave if you don’t think you can contest more than half the relics.

Im not a fan of that. U would delete the uniqness that HRE can also store the reliqs above 3 for rengitz in towers and keeps. It would cut down the plane civ even more

The silly thing about Burggrave is that u can only train 5 units at once for the costs of 5. Its like 5 barracks but worse because u cant build 3 troops if ur resources dont allow 5.

Change it to 3x production speed and a cost reduce or a buff like “every unit trained out of it have tthe stats like elite army tactics would be researched”(20%dmg/20%hp). It would be a powerspike when ur behind in late feudal into castle because if ur ahead u would always go regnitzt because u would get the reliqs. It would even balance themselfs out in Imperial because everyone can and u will get elite army tactics for themself/urself and the normal baracks are equaly good then.


Actually 100% of HRE gameplay is like that.

I begin the game i turtle 8 minutes => castle age => i took 3 relic with a small army => I put my rally point in enemy base and i spam chivalry => it’s win.
A if finaly not so simple because my opponet out-booom my strong economy or annoy me in relic take . I turtle 3 min more => imperial age and i have the most broken landmark of the game wich is equivalent of 4 TC( 30 villagers in 3 min … instead of 9 for a normal TC)=> I retrieve the same economy than my opponent in 3 min => i put my rally point in ennemy base for my chivalry => i win …

That really not healty.
I hope they will do something about retznig swabia and buff other landmark with some new meta.

At the moment some of HRE landmark break some other strategy with this civ. For exemple you would fight in feodal with HRE and make a second TC? So you do the same in castle age with all better option for just waiting 2 more minutes.
You wanna have a good economy in feodal with more than 1TC? So why take this risk, turtle in your base and make a swabbia and you will have a better economy for the same time to build 2 more TC…

If they wanna change something for HER they can slightly buff feodal age for exemple make the landmark armory give you option to have caste age thecnologie in feodal are . Something like that.