Burgrave Palace problem in team games

Burgrave Palace is too op and nearly unstopable in team games it creats units x4 faster but also units need to cost x2 times more or the other choice is give all civs a feudal age unit that can stop the man at arms rush

for the people who dont understand it your team mate can send you food or gold to make you rush to castle age and make the burgrave palace when its buit its gg

Burgrave basically just saves 750 wood and 150 seconds of villager build time.

That is definitely not insignificant, however it means that late game it falls off pretty hard.

It has to pay off early in the form of a timing push, otherwise it’s not worth making.

If one player is just slinging the HRE player then they will be weak and unable to field much of an army. The opposing team should have 2 armies worth to contest the HRE.


This is becoming meta of the team games when more people find that out you will understand thing in here isnt only burgrave they can rush for it in team game and you have no chance when manatarm wave rushes you if one comes to your game you will understand

Burgrave is scary, but on the other hand it makes me happy yo see burgrave instead of regnitz because i know fast imperial is unlikely to come.
In 3v3 or 4v4 i wouldnt say burgrave is too much of a threat because of the walking distance is very long and by the time they arrive people should have walls and defenses ready.
Other alternative, specially on 2v2 is to gang up on the HRE player and apply loads of pressure, specially to his food as for burgrave to be effective it needs lots of food.

One strat that one could argue is broken is mali+HRE combo and having mali feeding cows to the hre player. In that case devs should probably do something regarding that.

Another alternative could be to increase the tax on sending resources to your ally.

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yes that is broken but actually you dont need that since you can send food or gold to your team mate for example if you have a hre team mate you can make him to rush for castle age very fast by sending him food its so hard to keep up with burgrave

yes that makes sense