Burmese are the worst civ in the game change my mind

Burmese are quite possibly the worst civ in the game and its not even close.



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No way Persians are better than Burmese :frowning: at least in arabia


average burmese player is mad

No lol

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None of the civs are bad enough in my view to be the worst, very much including Burmese

I think they’re a more that serviceable teamgame civ and very functional on Arena.

Though I hardly believe you went into this thread expecting to have your mind changed given how you called someone who said “okay” mad.


Do you plan on elaborating why, or should we just guess?



I don’t like Arambai so I kind of agree.
20% accuracy is just shit.

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You aren’t supposed to use them against individual targets. You’re supposed to mass them and use them against groups of units. They’re very effective in that role.

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Its not even close to being the worst. That’s Dravidians. Burmese are a solid civ in closed maps with cheap monk techs, Nomadic fc Arambai maps. On Arabia, they’re below average but definitely not worse than a few like Persians, Dravidians or Sicilians. And a few others like Slavs, Celts, Bohemians, Bengalis are not clearly much better than Burmese either.



Don’t compare 2020 Burmese when Archer line was too dominant, Manipur Cavalry was just +6 vs buildings and the +1/+1 armor for BEs wasn’t a thing as civ bonus. Burmese nowdays are just better than before, not the best civ, but clearly not the worst.

On Arena I would argue Bengalis have more advantages, and the broken mass of Elite Elephant Archers is something that Burmese can’t really fight.

no way anyone says a civ is good just because they are mid on closed maps. The true test is any map that doesn’t allow you to camp behind walls

If you’re gonna reply to everyone learn how to multiquote so its not 10 of your posts in a row

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You could’ve just said that in the first place instead of insulting the intelligence of everyone who asked for elaboration.

Man’s just trying to help. That doesn’t warrant hostility.

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Actually, yes. Because elite battle elephants are a good replacement for paladins. In fact, they are even stronger than paladins. Siege ram? Who cares about siege ram?

As for the rest, there are other civs like bulgarians and spanish who have terrible archer lines. You need to show win rates at different elos, at the very least.

Also, Hera thinks that you are very, very wrong. I’m inclined to trust him more than you.


WTF if a civ is very good on one map and playable in others then is fine, why on the fucking world a civ has to be insane on every map on every age on every situation, we had that with Khmer in the past and the civ got nerfed because of that.

And hybrid, aggressive maa opening maps, nomad. Btw Closed maps is also an important category of maps. Otherwise some closed map specialist civs can be considered unusable like Turks, Bohemians.

There’s no civ in the game which has fully upgradable Paladin + Arbalest + Camels + all other things you’ve mentioned. And siege ram is not that important for most 1v1 games, quite a good number of top-tier civs don’t have them.
If you isolate Burmese and see they don’t have all of this they might seem like the worst. But compare it with some of the weaker ones on land - Dravidians, Sicilians, Bengalis, Persians, Bulgarians and you can see they have equal or more options and not as terrible. Plus in your list of options you don’t seem to bother much about monk tech tree or extra dps on halbs for free which aren’t useless bonuses.

I can agree that they’re definitely average or below average for open maps but they do have strong knight-monk play, castle drop into uu for mid game and hussar and strong halbs for late game which are decent options and they also have a decent eco bonus for an early game that’s not terrible.

Unique unit might seem bad for using on Arabia but it has its merits on maps like Nomad, African clearing, Megarandom and several hybrid maps. And its much much better than meme units like Hussite wagon, urumi swordsmen or teutonic knights.

Exactly. And Gurjaras, Burgundians, Hindustanis, Poles.

I think those always have been quite bad on water maps, but on any land maps they were OP as hell (and I still find Poles absurd to play against).

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