Burmese Buff Suggestion

First of all I’d like to say, I’m really happy with the Arambai changes, they were way too strong and warped the whole civ around it to the point where you’d only pick Burmese if u want to go for Arambai. That being said the nerf will probably leave Burmese as a very weak civ and even if they are still strong I don’t think the current changes will take them away from being an Arambai one-trick and Burmese still have a very glaring weakness to Arbalests with them missing the 2nd Archer Armor upgrade.

My suggestion to change this without taking away from their uniqueness would be to tackle their UT Howdah. This Tech while not necessarily weak feels very underwhelming for a supposed Elephant focused civ. I have 2 suggestions to make it feel more impactful:

  1. Make Howdah give +1/+2
  2. Make Howdah extend their bonus to the Knight-line

I feel like this would better their chances against Arbalests without majorly changing their playstyle. I will have to say though that i prefer the 1st option as i think there are already enough Knight-focused civs and fear it would push them too much towards them and a more Elephant-focused civ would bring more diversity to the roster.

Anyway I don’t think this will push them over the edge, but rather open up more options for them. Some people will say it will be too early to see if Burmese need a buff, but I’d like to see them be more rounded out as a civ.

So this is my current opinion on the Burmese situation. Give me your thoughts and Feedback if you’d like.

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