Burmese cav archers

Does manipur cavalry affect burmese cav archers?

If not, would you like to make it affects them like it does with arambai?

Burmese cavarchers would still lack 2 armor upgrades and thumb ring (so 50% accuracy…)

pointless really, lacking thumb ring alone makes cav archers a sub optimal choice in the first place. manipur cavalry affecting them would be putting lipstick on a pig

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Even if you give it to them they will stil useless.

This would be interesting (and little toxic) strategy.
Entirely different raiding, go not for vills, but for buildings. Farms, Mills, Camps, Markets. Probably even TCs.
But this would not happen. There is a reason why Obsidian Arrows was removed, and Saracen bonus was changed.


camel archers with old indians allied are still a thing an example although they required castles. The indian teambonus were lower for ranged units to prevent this abuse.

Maybe they could be affected by manipur cavalry but with a lower damage bonus to avoid the obsidian arrow level.
Also, armambai could be affected by parthian tactics.

With both buffs maybe burmese could find a way to go for CA and transition to arambai.

Even if “CA into arambai” wasn’t such a bad idea it doesn’t make sense with manipur cavalry because to research the tech, you need a castle, so if you can research it you’re already able to build arambai. And it’s an imperial age tech anyway, don’t tell me you plan to spend your castle age using cav archers that miss half their shots and only get +1/+1 armour?

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My fault. I thought it was a castle age tech.

Yeah burmese are weird…
I don’t understand the civ concept and also how arambai work. They should deal high amount of damage against low armored enemies, not against buildings and heavy armored ones.
So instead high damage they should have low damage but very high rof. And I also think the damage bonus for infantry could be raised.
If burmese then get heresy they could finally make use of either ele or inf + arambai comp. Because atm their tools don’t really complement each other.

But I don’t see this change happening, people are used to that weird arambai eating TC one-trick.


Arambai don’t really raze buildings anymore. Which explains the lower win rate for the civ, people keep going double castle arambai has if nothing happened and then they are all surprised when the enemy has all the time in the world to react. Too bad for them.

Also why does everyone want Burmese to get heresy? There is a good reason elephants civs usually don’t get that, imagine how stupid 500g heresy would be for Burmese.

I have Idea for Burmese:

  • Remove Infantry Attack Bonus. Burmese are not Infantry Civ.
  • Give them Siege Onager
  • Give them new bonus - Mangonel Upgrade 25% cheaper
    Burmese are Monk Civilisation. What is great with Monks?
    Push them into Monk-Siege play, with faster Onager against Archers, Arambai as raiding unit and Elephantos as Shield.
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Burmese are an Infantry Civ.

In-game, the Burmese are specified as a Monk and elephant civilization.

I dont see here “Infantry”. Description is clear. “Monk” and “Elephants”

Then remove Drill and Light Cavalry bonuses from Mongols because they are a “Cavalry Archer” civilization.

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Mongols have Bonus for their CavArcher, as well as CavArcher UU.
And this is not about bonuses not-maching civ description (there is plenty of them in game, Teutons have Armor for Cavalry while being Infantry Civ, Malians have OP UT for Cav being Infantry Civ as well, Slavs have Cavalry UU, Incas have Archer UU, being Infantry Civ, Turks have UT for CA, being Gunpowder Civ etc). Its about fact this bonus matches Burmese like Aztecs Islands.
Burmese will not play Infantry. Champs with +3Atk die to Archers like normal ones, and they use the same Res like Eles. Against Halbs generic Champs are enough. Training Halbs is also not Ideal, because they use wood, and we want it for Arambai. And they die to Archers like normal. And they will kill Cav good enough, being generic.
Burmese play Arambai, or Monks, or Cav. And Siege is much better as company for this, not Infantry.

I think they added that infantry bonus to compliment their “siege cavalry” and arambai.

All their units viable (manipur cavalry, arambai and infantry with damage bonus) razed buildings so they dont need rams.

The problem is that their only one eco bonus helps for wood units and they have bad archers and average siege (siege onager in 1v1 not viable)… Cavalry and infantry need food, not wood.

It is true that wood is needed for farms. But even so, the wood civ bonus is more a power spike than a permanent effect.

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isn’t arambai already doing that? and everything else better than burmese cav archers?

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Except that they are harder to mass.

Butit is also true that cav archers without thumbring are harder to mass than old mayans obsidian arbs. And without thumbring nor armor upgraded they only would be useful against some buildings