Burmese just aren’t that viable in TG; new monk ability?

Basically they get countered hard by trash—skirms and spears. In castle age, made arambai and got destroyed by crossbow and skirms; made elephants to counter and then got destroyed by spears. Also in imp arambai and monks couldn’t do much because they would die constantly to arrow fire. Monks are too slow and micro intensive and arambai get outraged plus don’t hit often because poor accuracy. The M@A rush doesn’t work because team can help defend and the map size is much bigger than 1v1.

I’m guessing this is a tough civ to play and not the best suited for TG. I don’t think I have ever seen Burmese purposefully picked in a TG at the high level in a major team tournament.


Special ability side note

I wish they could give Burmese the special ability to highlight a group of monks and then click multiple enemy units to convert. All monks will try to convert the first unit like normal. Then after the second enemy unit clicked, it assigns just 1 monk to the original one and a second monk to the second enemy unit. It keeps assigning a different monk to each additional unit you click until there are no more monks left. So basically you click the amount of enemy units equal to the amount of monks you have. If you clicked on the same enemy twice then a message would say “already attempting to convert” and you click on a different unit. You wouldn’t have to assign each monk a number and toggle through them and remember which unit you tried to convert already or need to do de-selection micro. It would make make monk micro easier.

If it’s too good of a bonus since monks can really change the game at the high level then there could be a 1 second converting penalty for using the “easy method” bonus. This way it still appeals to the average players because most can’t monk micro yet manage other military and eco. Pros will still convert using each monk individually or using de-selection micro since they have the skill and don’t want to be penalized 1 second per conversion. This bonus won’t mess up/penalize de-selection micro because all monks try to convert the first target like normal but then the player uses each monk individually for each subsequent conversion.

It’s the middle ground between auto converting and targeting each enemy unit with a an individual monk. It might make people want to use monks and Burmese more. At the average level ~1000 elo, monks are almost never used. Most just make counter units like halbs for knights and elephants instead of monks.


Try Infantry + Elephants. Burmese Champions are brutal. They basically almost get Free Garland Wars (only 1 damage missing).

Do not forget that Manipur Cavalry UT also works on Cavaliers and Hussars, so you have Siege Hussars.

Monastary Techs are also cheap, and you see all Relics from the start of the game, so go for Monks. Not to mention that your Elephants get another Scale Barding effect (Howdah), and can have Faith, so they resist Monks (their hardest counter) a lot more.

Burmese is a civ that you must play WITHOUT the Archery Range. If you are too reliant on Archers, do not go Burmese.


Burmese is by far my least favourite civ. I also don’t know what to do with them. They, seem mostly mediocre in all regards at lategame.

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Want a power UU? conquistador is better.
Want a good BE? Khmer is better.
Want good infantry? Slavs, Aztecs, probably Teutons and celts are better.
Want good monks? Aztecs are better.
Want to boom? Lot of civs are better.
Want to see all the relics? All mongol allies will see the relics because good scouting.

They just don’t really have any solid options that you would pick for team game.

Burmese suffer a lot from the bad DE pathfinding, because they are a full-on Melee civ.

They are bnot bad at all, and both their Infantry and Cavalry are decent. If the pathfinding is ever fixed, they will go up in power a lot.


You didn’t expect elephants to kill spears, did you?
Also, you counter crossbow with skirms and skirms with hussar, not elephant.


They have Siege Hussars and Halberdiers with +3 damage. They also have Tanky Battle Elephants and Cavaliers, both with extra damage to buildings.

Aztecs waste a lot of Gold in the Monestary, while Burmese save a lot. They also have to pay for Garland wars, while Burmese get almost all of it for Free.

In a Trash War, Burmese are quite decent. All their issues stem from the pathfinding.

Heck, going for Castle age Longsword with +2 damage, is actually viable for them.

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I was trying to kill their crossbow and skirm mix with elephants. I know elephants die to pikeman.

Burmese skirms lose to basically every other civ’s skirms. Crossbow/arbalests kill Burmese skirms

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You mass skirm and hussar. Elephant was just the wrong choice.

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Send your own Pikes to kill the enemy Pikes, they will actually win easily. +2 Damage is a lot.

We are talking about team games not 1v1. Players aren’t as reliant on gold in team games. It does help but not significantly like in 1v1

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Team Games will never be balanced. Just always play Britons in Team Games, they always win.

There’s no always win civ dude…

Game Balance is based on 1v1

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I doubt it. They have to take into account team games. It’s too important not to.

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If they could balance team games, they had 20 years to do so.

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If they could balance goths and Teutons they had 20 years to do so. Still making balance changes to this day.

A lot shakes up when you had new techs and civs and units.

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What is that even supposed to mean?

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Realistically, no.
But Britons, Spanish and Berbers are a staple of Team Games for good reasons.

You cannot argue against pocket mass Longbows. It is literally a balance nightmare.

If you play Team Games, you just have to get used to abuse.

I just lost a TG today, where I was Tower Rushed super hard (5 Towers), because the guy was getting slinged on Stone. It is just the nature of it. Team Games have unviable civs, and extremely abusable tactics, like Longbows ith Saracen Team Bonus, you do not even need Trebs at that point.

That has nothing to do with the fact that civ balance is based on 1v1.

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Team Games are played by a minority of players. 1v1 is by far the most popular format in any RTS, abnd is what kept this game alive.

Team Games have Bonus Stacking, io they could never be balanced by default, nor should they ever be.