Butter Tea: A gamer's breakfast

Breakfast is extremely important for gamers. Especially for those who spend late night gaming find it extremely difficulty in morning waking up and rushing for work. preparation time less than 5 minutes.
You will be needing

  1. drinking water 250 ml
  2. Butter 15 to 25 grams(Plain is enough )
  3. Tea leaves or coffee powder
  4. hot milk if you find the bitter taste too much to bear

Boil the water, add tea leaves. When the brew(tea) turns reddish brown add the 15 grams butter slice to it, wait for the butter to melt completely. filter the tea solution to cup and drink it. It will keep you awake until noon. if you find it too bitter add some 100 to 120ml hot milk. Sugar not needed avoid Saccharine.
Finish work early and get some sleep in the noon. Submit the finished work report after your compensated sleep.
you can substitute coffee powder to tea leaves.