Button on top and bottom of the screen

Hi, new idiot who dared to buy something from the Win Store here!

So I have this ■■■■■■■ button appearing on my screen while playing the game if my mouse is at the bottom or at the top of the screen (it’s the purple one at the bottom):
I hate this and I want to get rid of this because when I’m playing a game in full screen I don’t want to access the taskbar and have ugly af buttons messing with my immersion, thank you very much. Microsoft, you can’t be this incompetent, who the ■■■■ wants to see any part of Windows CONSTANTLY while playing? It’s an RTS, people use mouse scroll, of course the ■■■■■■■ button will always be on the screen.

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AFAIK there is no way to disable them. The buttons are the same color as your theme accent color and only appear for a few seconds after moving your mouse to the top or bottom edge of your screen when playing Microsoft Store games in full screen.

The buttons are meant to make it easy to show the title bar of the app at the top edge of the screen and show the taskbar at the buttom edge of the screen.

Sure, the functionality is useful if you need that sort of thing but it’s pointless if you’re like most people and use alt-tab. It’s just obtrusive, I don’t know why isn’t there an option to disable it.

I also don’t know why isn’t there a setting to at least customize it in-game. I use purple for my Windows theme because I like purple while messing around in Windows but that doesn’t mean that I want to see purple in AoE. So basically I’ll have to change the theme colour in my Windows settings just so I could pick something that’s less obtrusive (and of course you can’t select something obvious like black).

And some people are wondering why this game flopped… maybe because everyone hates UWP on PC since it has these annoying features nobody needs on top of the Store being buggy as all ■■■■.

The Windows game bar is part of Xbox application and Windows system, not of AOE DE, so the developers can’t help you with this.

But I do agree this is an annoying problem if you exactly hit those centers a lot. So it should be a selectable option, same as being able to lock the mouse pointer inside the game window while using a dual screen configuration.

Most people know how to alt-tab and even shift-alt tab. But not, flag-tab. :slight_smile:

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I love this in UWP btw.: basically the options are scattered throughout the OS. :smiley: You wanna choose which drive to install your games to? Well my dude, better set up where new apps are installed in the Windows system settings! You wanna turn on the game bar? It’s in the system settings. Wanna start using the game bar? Go to the Xbox app! Wanna buy some games? The Windows Store is what you’re looking for! :smiley:

Speaking of the game: did a few missions and overall it is a nice remaster but man I would’ve thought that after all these years they’d fix up the campaigns. ■■■■, I can play Brood War just fine but AoE1 has some of most infuriating maps I’ve ever seen in an RTS.

Like how am I supposed to complete the second map of Reign of the Hitties? You’re up against at least 3 factions, all of them outtech you and they attack instantly and of top of that your attackers are hard counters to the starting units the game gives you. I don’t even have enough resources to get things going… ■■■■, you start in the Tool Age without base and you get attacked by long range archers, priests and catapult… what is this? Compared to this Brood War’s last mission is a cakewalk.

I mean Microsoft, what was the design intention here? A lot of AoE1’s campaign was garbage so if you did not fix that up then what is the aim here, the multiplayer nobody will play because AoE2 HD exists?

Edit: Guess the thing you’re supposed to do here is collecting the few reinforcements scattered around the map, get your villagers, clear out the base that is right next to you and build your base there but the thing is that’s just not possible because there is a maxed out faction to the southwest that’s constantly attacking you with everything it got. This is insane, I think I won’t play this game a lot if it’s just pure torture instead of something that at least resembles a balanced experience. Guess the stupid purple buttons were the least of my worries, I mean with the frak shoud I do with maps like this, type PHOTON MAN? Years of SC2 online did not prepare me for missions made by Ensemble.

This is how they want to re-introduce RTS to a new audience? With unplaybale trash? I mean this is clearly impossible without exploiting something, there is no unit micro that could make this happen.

Edit: It looks like that if you build your base on the south the red base that’s giving me the most problems will just stop attacking. It’s the magic of broken enemy AI! Okay, let’s not buy anything else from these devs ever again, especially not from MS’s dumpster of a Store. Man, all of this balancing while Blizzard did nothing to SC1 apart from remastering the graphics and that’s still a masterpiece compared to this miserable pile of random bullshit.

And the weird thing is that there are even bugs that weren’t in the original, like sometimes my attacks just do not work (the attack animation plays but there is no damage being dealt to the opponent) and the pathfinding - while generally better at finding routes than the original AI was - has its own set of unique issues like units just getting stuck and rotating. This is just inexcusable, if I wouldn’t have bought this game on a code card I’d refund the ■■■■ out of it.

MS, please, just sell this IP to someone who cares because you clearly don’t give a ■■■■ about the PC audience.

Why would or should you do something completely different than your competition does?

I’ve done most campaigns on hard or hardest, some are even hard on easy indeed and some others are a piece of cake on hardest. There is always a way, but it takes some time and the right tactical plan though. Stick to the mission and take note of the hints.

You can’t compare SC to AOE, it’s like comparing a donkey with a horse. :grin:

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