Byz UTs - unnerfing the Siege Ships

So this is to add flavour to the Byz UTs, or maybe mix the flavour. This corrects the nerf of Byz on water which happened with RoR when they lost Elite Cannon Galleons for Dromons.

  1. Greek Fire: Fire Ships and ‘’‘Dromons"’ have +1 range.

  2. Logistica: Cataphracts and Bombard Towers deal 5 splash damage.

I hated the idea of BBTs benefitting from Greek Fire. The only reason it was added to ensure that the tech is researched on land maps. The effect should have been added to Logistica, which atleast does the same thing for another unit.

If we compare the previous Byz (Elite) Cannon Galleons and current Dromons, we have:

  1. The regular Dromon is almost as good as the regular Cannon Galleon, but Byz had Elite Cannon Galleon.
  2. The Byz civ bonus of faster attacking fire ships and dromons bumps the dps of the Dromon to be in line with the ECG.
  3. The extra range with Greek Fire will ensure that the Dromon gets the range advantage of the ECG upgrade as well (it provides +2 range, whereas Greek Fire still provides +1, so it’s still a loss).

The Romans on the other hand have Siege Engineers to benefit their Dromons, which covers both of these aspects already.

Hey there friend!

I personally like the idea of Greek Fire unlocking a Flamethrower unit at the Siege Workshop instead of the BBT thing. I don’t like that effect because it’s affecting a building that isn’t available yet, which is just incredibly unintuitive.

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The Italian UT Pavise works the same way though, extra armor for Condos

Oh, I forgot about that! I guess it’s not too bad then.

Yes, because the research of the Castle age UTs most commonly happens right after the age up to Imperial age.

The Greek fire benefit to bombard towers, despite that I never use those towers, and the effect is currently underwhelming for the costs, it’s not without reason. Historically it represents the use that technology had on land, in a way. The gameplay reason is to make the UT useful on land maps, as you said. Everything makes sense.

And since there is reason, and context, for Greek fire on land, I see no need to change Logistica for that purpose. Logistica is solid to its own purpose.

Regarding the +1 range to Dromones… I’m not sure if it’s needed for that unit. I personally prefer something more convincing on land, around Greek fire.

The most fascinating would be a (mangonel-like) footman carrying a portable projector of Greek :fire:, a siege unit trained from castle.

Naptha thrower unit.