Byzantines civilisation concept


Why not?
I know they are at the very beginning of the AoE3 time line but they aren’t that much earlier then Aztecs or Inca.
AoE2 also recently got the Late West Roman Empire too, which is at the very beginning of the AoE2 time line.

Unlike Aztecs and Inca they can also get some gunpowder units.


Mercenary focused defensive civilisation.
They don’t play like typical European civilisations because they don’t get access to advanced artillery, Frigates nor Factories (for obvious reasons).

Olive Oil

Like the AoE4 Byzantines they get the unique resource Olive Oil, which functions pretty much like the African Influence.
All Mercenaries cost Olive Oil instead of Coin.
Outlaws, Minor Civilisation units and technologies do not cost Olive Oil.

Olive Grove

  • Replaces the Mill
  • Produces Olive Oil and Food
  • Ratio between the two resources can be adjusted
    • 100% Food + 20% Olive Oil
    • 80% Food + 40% Olive Oil
    • 60% Food + 60% Olive Oil)
  • Therefor the overall resource production is higher then a normal Mill

Age Up

Every time they Age Up they can choose between different Mercenary Commanders.
They initially have 4 to choose from and every Age a new one is added, like for the Africans.
Each Mercenary Commander unlocks one Mercenary unit in the Castle.

That means we need a few more Commerce Age Mercenaries.



  • Mounted Melee Hero
  • Can construct Castles
  • Enemies killed in his aura give Olive Oil on top of XP


  • II Crossbow (Can be upgraded to Imperial)
  • II Pikeman (Can be upgraded to Imperial)


  • II Cataphract (Cavalry with bonus damage against Infantry)
  • III Cavalry Archer


  • 3 population
  • 2x Attack bonus vs. all Infantry
  • 30% melee resist

The melee resist is there to mimic their AoE2 weakness to ranged units
It’s also in contrast to the Varangian Guard that has range resist instead of the usual melee resist on Heavy Infantry.

Artillery Foundry

  • III Hand Cannon (Weaker version of the Abus Gun)
  • III Culverin
  • III Bombard (It’s to the Falconet what the Great Bombard is compared to the Heavy Cannon)
  • III Cheirosiphon (Short range anti Building unit that leaves lingering fire on the ground)
  • III Petard
  • IV Mortar


  • Cost: 100 Wood 400 Coin 5 Population
  • HP: 200
  • Attack: 250
  • Modifiers: 0.5x vs. Cavalry and Artillery
  • Range 26
  • Rate of Fire 6.5
  • Should also be available to Ottomans, Indians and Persians (that have to be added to the game!)


  • Similar to Chinese Flame Thrower but more expensive and Stronger
  • Better against buildings then unit
  • Leaves lingering flames on the ground that do damage over time


  • II Varangian Guard (Hight HP Heavy Infantry)
  • 3 random Mercenaries
  • Additional Mercenaries through Age Up

Varangian Guard

  • 2 population
  • Heals passively when close to Castles (relatively fast) even while in combat
  • 20% ranged resist
  • Low Siege attack
  • Not that strong when outside of the range of a Castle

The range resist makes them more useful in late game compared to other Heavy Hand Infantry.


  • II Fishing Boat
  • II Galley (Identical to Ottoman Ship)
  • III Fire Galley (Close range Ship)



  • Same as Asian Castle
  • Trains Mercenaries and Outlaws instead of Artillery


  • Defensive building that fires Arrows instead of shooting bullets
  • Cheaper then Outpost
  • Can Garrison Infantry
  • Garrisoned Infantry adds attack damage


  • Same building as Italians
  • Different visuals
  • Does not provide unit shipments
  • Does boost nearby construction speed (same as for Italians)
  • Trains Priest (limit of 10) and Spies

Missing things

  • No Arsenal
  • No Factory
  • No Fort
  • No Horse Artillery
  • No Frigate
  • No Monitor

Home City Cards

  • IV Card that changes population cost of Crossbow and Pikeman to 0.5 and their resource cost to 30 Food 30 Wood (mimic their AoE2 counter unit discount)
  • III Card that adds AoE damage to the Cataphract
  • III Fire Towers Card from Maltese but for Towers instead of Outposts
  • I Variant of Unction that apples to Priest and gives 2.5% more HP instead of Attack

Additional Thoughts

I didn’t give them any real economic bonus besides the Olive Grove yet so they would be too weak in early game.
They have some very strong bonuses like the Unction variant that gives HP instead of attack.

Yes other civilisation are more important

Just because there are other civilisations (like Persians) that are more important doesn’t mean we should not be allowed to talk about the Byzantines.


The Byzantine Empire collapsed in 1453. So, I doubt the Byzantines would ever be added to AoE3 because having them in AoE3 would be anachronistic. Instead, go for the Greeks.


The Greek Independence was in 1821, a little late for AoE3.
Also they would work perfectly as a revolution for the Ottomans and the Byzantines.

The Byzantine Empire is very popular in the AoE community and beyond. I think if we can make an exception for one civilisation to be a little outside of the time frame it’s the Byzantines/Romans.
Even though there were many people critical about adding the Romans to AoE2 they still ended up being very popular.
Also very nice to have that civilisation to make interesting Scenarios.

Same in AoE3. Adding the Byzantines would allow for nice Siege of Constantinople scenarios and stuff like that.


Meanwhile, Paradox casually released a DLC with Persian, Mamluks, & Byzantine in Europa Universalis IV clearly an AoE 3 timeline

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Honestly we already have Mexicans and USA I don’t think adding Byzantine is that much of a problem. However what I have a problem with it being a copy of AoE4, with the olive as a resource design.

Eh the last sentence is a little weird, but you hopefully get my point.


I have no problems on it being a copy of AoE 4 (even though I hate the game). If it’s a good idea, I see no reason on why not using it, of course with a few tweaks here and there.

Pikeman should be replaced with Skutatos imo.
Skutatos is a high HP, high range & melee resist version of the Pikeman with less attack than a regular Pikeman.
While Varangian Guards should be trained on Castles since they’re mercenaries after all.

People would rather add an european civilization whose inexistence defines the period than a third african civ…


Personnellement comme le souligne Hoopthrower dans son sarcasme, je préfèrerais encore une civilisation hors Europe comme les très méconnue civs africaines.


What AoE 3 need right now is a boost of popularity, one of which is adding these famous civs like Persians, Mamluks, Byzantines, etc. I don’t think adding another obscure civs would help AoE 3 in anyway (I even bought the African Royals last just because I want more maps). That’s of course my take…

AOE3 starts roughly 50 years later, and ends roughly 50 years later.

AOE3: 1492-1876

EU4: 1444-1822

Byzantines do not fall within the timeframe of AOE3.


Je peux le comprendre que vous soyez de cet avis, après je trouve que ça tourne quand même sacrément autour des civs européennes, mais j’espère un dlc rajoutant des pays, tant pis pour moi si c’est des pays européens, je prendrais le dlc même si c’est encore des rajouts de l’Europe.

Ce message est en réponse à Alexio732.

In what world are Mamluks remotely popular? lmao

If you want to attract more players you’d have to make a Southeast Asia expansion alá Age of Empires 2, not scrap the bottom of the barrel for more civs around the Mediterranean lol.

At least do it tastefully and add Egypt and Greeks who actually fit the premise of the game. Greeks declared independence roughly at the same time as Mexico, saying they don’t fit the game and then proposing Byzantines is deeply hypocritical.


Is there any civilization left on SEA that hasn’t been colonized at this timeline though? I certainly know more about how the Ottomans conquered Mamluks than whatever happens at SEA at the time. (This is coming from SEA myself :rofl:)

The Olive Oil resource was probably copied from the African Influence system or the Asian Export from AoE3.

Where they still around at the end of the Empire?

Thought about that too but not sure if they really were Mercenaries at the end.
It would synergize with their defensive bonuses though.

Probably yes.
I’m not saying that I’m personally against African civs but I think many are just not that interested.
The Byzantines on the other hand are very popular in the AoE community and beyond.

I’m surprised the the African Royals is so much less popular.
It was clearly the better made DLC.
It had 2 civilisations with new unique mechanics that each had their own architecture set (with some overlaps), new unique terrains and stuff.

Knights of the Mediterranean just added two more European civilisations that play like European civilisations, have a already existing architecture set, and added no new terrain and barely any new trees and not even historical missions.

Persia is one of the most requested civilisations though.

I made concepts for civilisations like Koreans a while back.

Siam/Thailand was never colonised.
But all the Native American civilisations were colonised to and so was India, so it’s not really an argument anyway.

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even if they were colonized how would that exclude them if we accept mamelukes and byzantines?

but Siam, Thailand, was never colonized.


Also, neither Burma nor Vietnam weren’t colonized until the 1880s, saying they shouldn’t be included because they became colonies right at the end of the period the game covers is rather silly.

Same with people like the Mapuche or the Shuar, both beat the spanish conquistadors and in the former’s case they even got a legal document recognizing their independence which got actually recognized by the succesor states too.


If you want Byzantium in AoE 3, it is better to create civ Greeks who could represent both Byzantium (in the early game) and independent Greece.

I like this idea a bit, but I think it could be done differently:

  • Olive Oil is not a fourth resource, but simply a Food resource.
  • Olive Field replaces the standard Estate for Italians civ, Greeks civ, Spanish civ, Portuguese civ and for Ottomans civ. Provides production of the Coin resource.
  • Grape Field replaces the Mill for Italians civ, Greeks civ, Spanish civ, Portuguese civ and for Ottomans civ. Provides production of the Food resource.

The funny thing is that the Greeks in Wars of Liberty did have Olive Plantations replacing, well, Estates.


They were, but of course this is just a sign of how the Empire’s declining since they couldn’t afford new weapons & armors.

Byzantine in Age 0, Greek in Age 5 and Ottoman in Ages 1,2,3 and 4