Byzantines need more buffs

The need more buffs in feudal make there men arms available in feudal and buff the cistern more.also buff there towers they dont do much damage


I believe that we might need prioritize simplifying this civ, otherwise they will always some experts come to tell you that you are not proficient enough, this civ is very good and has no need to be buffed.

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I dont care what anyone devs need to buff byzantines defensive and lower cost for all there units to expensive need a food and gold reduction and a olive oil reduction

Byzantines are honestly overpowered.
They can make same amount of units as enemy civ and AGE at the same time to age3 with one tc only.

I don’t think byz are overpowered but strong.
To nerf them make farms not give stone. This delays the 3rd cistern by a lot if you aren’t mining stone.
And maybe make their farms 65 wood.
In pro games they maybe are too strong but if u look at ladder…

But I really disagree with OP, byz doesn’t need buffs. I thought this is a sarcastic thread to be honest.

Whatever the case, I’d like to see some mechanical changes to the way Cataphract works. The way the charge is implemented is very odd, and borders uselessness most of the time, especially in comparison to regular Knight charge which is always good.

I’m warming up to Varangians but think they need a change too. Civilisations like HRE basically have that bonus damage against heavy baked in. Which is honestly when you’d use it anyway; against Knights or MAA with lots of armour. The penalty is too great (both melee and ranged is crazy). I’m also wondering if Berserking speed should be castle age, and if the ability should be a toggle like shield wall.

I find it odd that the Cistern landmark doesn’t produce faster flasks based on the Cistern scaling, like the Golden Tower.

Also the last two landmarks overlap too much in use. Making siege with oil means you’ll use more gold on gold units. But going with the other landmark means you’ll spend your gold on Siege, and compensate by using Oil on mercenaries. Two faces of the same coin type of thing, both end up being the same.

They definitely do not need overall buffs.

It would be nice if the mostly unused landmarks could be picked more often and Cataphracts were usable.

Overall though, the civ is definitely not weak.

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Cataphracts are too slow and cost too much. So many times I am getting kited around by infantry units because they are faster than a cataphract unit for example.

They are only good in team games, and if the opponents let you build up an army of Cataphracts, then they are usually useful; otherwise, not so much.

See, they even nerf the cost of Byzantines’ farm.
I am afraid you will never feel comfortable until they simplify this civ to make it not very powerful in high level games.

That was a unnecessary nerf that wasnt needed at all.

It was BIG TIME needed.

Well, for the first patch of Season 8, they are going to receive a Naval Buff. So the Dromons were weak or they were average and now they are even stronger?

Comment because although I have played a lot with Byzantines, I have not played many “Naval” maps with them.

Take care.

They were weak. Mainly because of their short range. Much harder to avoid demo ships.

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I loved playing with the super cheap and easy farm transition… But it was definitely deserving of a nerf.

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