Byzantines research 15% faster, except aging

Byzantines is one of the classic civs that has been a bit forgotten. I’m giving this idea of researching everything 15% faster (except aging) as an eco bonus to complement their broad techtree to get those upgrades a bit faster for their rather weak units.
I just wanted to give this idea for a small eco bonus. I know there are other civs that need more attention, such as Portuguese. Could be useful for balancing other civs as well.


I feel like their army is very boring. Cheaper Elite Cataphracts and Logistica could solve this problem + Free Town Patrol would be a nice addition


Byzantines are very unique imo. What people dislike is that their UU is too expensive to upgrade. @CheshireWig3203 proposals are what is missing.

Btw, the idea of faster research is cool


honestly cool idea for a buff. i dont think it would make them much better than they are right now. you could even go so far and say researching 50% or even 70% faster (except aging) and i dont think it would be op

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Ofc 50 and 70% would be OP, you spend less time upgrading and more producing. Especially with TCs or unit upgrades


I think byzantines already have their identity. They are pretty underrated imo, though still not one of the best civilizations. They only need some of their values adjusted, for example a decreased cost of the elite upgrade of their UU, but nothing big like an entirely new bonus.


oh yeah, i kinda forgot those, i was only thinking blacksmith, university, monastary, castle and siege workshop for some reason… 11. i completely retract my point, 15% might be pretty balanced after all, maybe even a little high, but 10% wouldnt be too bad


15% at university helps to research chemistry exactly 15 seconds faster. This, combined with their cheaper imperial age, would make them able to do better fast imperial strategies

I think 15% faster research across the board is a bit much, especially since they already have 2 economic bonuses as is.

I do agree with @CheshireWig3203 that

400-600 food total between the two.


Exactly. 600 food. Free Town Patrol would save 400 res.


i agree they could definitely do with some cost reduction on these…

but i also think they should get bloodlines (but -20 hp for catas) the berbers camels have almost the same price, yet are significantly stronger

while at the same time all byz cavalry sucks(-20 hp, -2 dmg), especially vs archers, so they struggle even more vs things like raiding mangudai or kipchaks (which can avoid skirms and actually kite camels due to the terrible pathing)

What? they have the last armor upgrade at least (still with 7 PA).
I heard that Byzantine Paladins still be useful in Team Games.
Cataphracts with reduced training times would help also.

only the paladin, and even then it’s doing less 13% less dmg with 11% less hp and thats best case scenario. but requiring the same massive tech and in direct competition for the cata

if we consider their OTHER CAV… their scout has THIRTY PERCENT less hp… their heavy camel has 18% less damage and 15% less hp

all these changes to catas wont help vs non infantry fights…

Well you never send Cataphracts against no infantry units no?

that is my point man… byz arent suddenly going to become a or s tier just because catas are buffed… since most factions arent using infantry anyway… archer civs like britons arent infantry so buffed catas wont help, cavalry civs like berber or mongols arent infantry so buffed catas wont help

with bloodlines they will still have one of the worst paladins (whic competes for cata tech anyway and byz have very little eco bonus supporting this line anyway)

they will have better cav archers, which shouldnt they have anyway? not that its meta to use cav archers as is when there’s arbs, but at least it opens that option.

they will have better trash scouts, but still weaker than most factions

Siege Rams and super cheap Skirms are enough to counter ranged units

lol ok, so why do YOU think byz have such a low win and pick rate then? why arent they even A tier? just because of the cata? having cheaper cata is suddenly going to aid them vs franks, teutons, mongols and so forth?

Yes because it gives them GOOD Cavalry and makes them more well rounded and much harder to predict them
Faster researched techs would overkill their Fast Imp and free Town Patrol -600F Elite Cata would be enough

and just to be more clear on what i mean… elo 1250-1650… byz have the 5th lowest pick rate AND win rate… that means not only are people hardly using them, when they do, they are losing more

and suddenly having a slightly cheaper tech on the cata is going to fix this? no sorry bro…

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Who cares about ranked, especially mid elo ranked? Balancing the game based on my skill 11