Calling It Already - Lakota is S+ Tier Again, Malta F Tier

Don’t need to wait too long for the statistics to show up to prove that Lakota is S+ Tier after this last patch.

Malta is F Tier.


Almost certainly will be the case yeah, Lakota were already strong and now the nerf to light infantry vs cav wiill disproportionately effect Lakota as it’s mostly a strong cavalry civ.

Malta were on the weaker side but they received several nerfs and just got 5 sentinels to make up for that which will not be enough and no one even makes sentinels.


Lakota still die to skirm dragoon civs though? Their skirm is weak and the bow rider requires a lot of micro

Lakota beat most civs before they can even mass skirms and goons. The wakina isn’t bad either, there’s several ways to upgrade it, teepees give hp boost and with a card now improve the range and attack speed lol.


What has been changed in the lastest patch about lakota?

Is it only multiplier ?

It’s the multiplier combined with the fact that they were given 4 axe riders back in the patch prior to this one.

They were shadow OP in the last patch and was proven by the statistics. Now add an additional +20% ranged resist to hand cav.

For instance, hand cav not dying fast enough means they can get several more hits in before they do. That means they can take out settlers more readily or get in a few more hits before going down. This is way more significant than people realize and I’ve been saying it from the get-go.

Hard regret will kick in soon enough, I’m certain of it.

I like the change of skirms being worse vs hand cav but lakota specifically should perhaps have received a small nerf to axes HP or something so they don’t become so much stronger. Tokalas will be a nightmare as well.

China has no way,dealing with lakota. China is already bad vs cav. And now it is even more terrible. Pure cav spam is going to win vs China.

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Why do you guys think Lakota will be impacted more than any other civ?
Heavy cavalry rebalance improves only Axe Riders and Tokala Soldiers vs light infantry. Bow Riders and Rifle Riders will behave as usuall.

Only Axe Rider change is meaningful (Tokala eats Skirmishers for breakfast anyway and can’t be massed). And Axe Rider is not better unit than ordinary Hussar (27% less HP for 17% more attack).
You are overreacting IMHO.

And you are forgetting that Wakina will be weaker agains HC which is a factor too.


Lakota war chief + axes. Fast and now tankier than ever vs light infantry. Lakota aren’t bothered about hussars when they have bow and rifle riders.

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Here will agree to disagree. You shouldn’t be using skirmishers against axe riders. I think the meta needs to settle down before we do any sort of prediction. The devs clearly wanted HI to play a more active role in the game with the last patch. Just give time to people to relearn the game.

Lakota is currently considered around B tier and Malta is still considered S tier at competitive level, malta bows haven’t recieved a remarkable change and it’s still the most cost efficient unit in the game with an incredible siege damage it has, malta fixed gun is hard to deal against without over commiting, bow pike still doesn’t have counter and malta has best culverins in the game, fire throwers are also a balance concern for malta, making atillery against malta doesn’t work either, malta bows still get good trade against hand cavs despite the global Light infantry nerf.

What makes malta S tier at competitive level but average at best below competitive level in your opinion? I understand they have a good eco with wignacourt and german tongue, though going settler wagons still costs a lot of resources and will slow your age up to fortress considerably, it’s very greedy like doing a brit manor boom.

Outside of the top level at least malta is very vulnerable to a standard FF with no 2 falc shipment, sentinels whilst a good unit are too costly in housing to bother making, with it being a strelet style unit(cost effective but high pop) the difference being russia get additional pop space in block houses but if you want to go sentinels you’ll need a new house per batch of 5.

I mean what is so special about malta xbow as a base unit? Compare it to a brit musk which also has 3 combat cards and a royal guard tech. The maltese bonus of 2% hp is also tiny on the xbow because it has such low base HP anyway. I know they can get a bit more range than a regular xbow but that’s to make up for the lack of a skirm and their max range is still lower than that of a regular skirmisher even with cards and age 4 tech.

Doesn’t artillery counter bow/pike? It’s lack of mobility is also a weakness compared to skirm/goon. Goons can force down a couple of falcs either by getting into melee when they’re out of position or just shoot them down. I don’t think even 4x carded xbow trade evenly with falconets.

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Brits have absolutely no chance vs Lakotas now. Way to slow. They roll you easy.

You have no chance vs Spain either.

I explained the bow details and malta culverins in the previous post. You also don’t even need to make sentinels at all, you can go for 3 vills german tongue, train settler wagons, ship winga court, 700 wood semi ff, ship fast age up and cheaper bow politician after, if you see a forward outpost ff siege it with 5-10 pikes, then you can macro for a fixed gun while aging around your TC, no 2 falc push will be able to punish fixed gun.

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Lets be real here, Malta is bad from a design point and the only thing holding it up is knight memes and abusable BS. No real depth to this civ.

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Yes I play a lot of malta but what I meant is what is so good about that build? Like what is so unbeatable? Plenty of civs can have far more eco than malta with it’s settler wagons. Or is it the fact that your 2 falc shipment won’t beat a fixed gun? Fixed guns can’t move and falconets are far more versatile for that reason, if malta player sits only in base you have full access to all the natural res on the map and can then train culvs or mortars.

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What a joke. Malta is S Tier? Absolutely hilarious, just because you see one or two pro players pull off a decent build doesn’t make the entire civ “S Tier at the competitive level”.

So the win/loss rate statistics mean nothing to you even when segmented by ELO?

Your analysis is so tone deaf and the reason why the devs, having not caught the tone deafness of it, probably made the changes they did. It’s very clear you hate versing Malta or anything that challenges the most standard style of play. Different civs are different and have to be dealt with as such.

You don’t send a bunch of stalkers to a Zerg’s base, but you can do that against Terran and Protoss. But you’re the type who wants to be able to pull off one build and get away with it and if it doesn’t work, the civ is broken to you.

Malta literally received 3 large unwarranted nerfs and you’re still calling them S tier. I can smell the bias from a million light years away. It’s like when they nerfed Russia, I called them out on it, and the nerfs were reversed (as in, should have never happened in the first place, unlike the Feitorias nerf which was actually warranted, but not to the degree they initially nerfed it at).