Cambios Interesantes para alguna que otra civi y para Arabia. Pasate a leer

-Ingleses - Britons: Quitarle el +1 en castillo, en su lugar otorgarle Dactilera, y darle una corona del castillo para poder entrenar arqueros de tiro largo de las Galerias y que le de ese +1 de Castillo, ambos, pero que tenga un coste. De esta forma le quitamos esa ventaja abusiva en castillos con la que las catapultas en early game no son efectivas en lo absoluto, empoderamos a la civi pero cuando ésta tiene los recursos para desarrollar las unidades. A demas que el +1 de Imperial también sea A traves de la Corona, es decir que la Corona de IImperial le daria +2 de Alcance. ¿Se entiende? Los ingleses se destacaron por sus Arqueros de tiro Largo, NO POR SUS BALLESTAS, a demas darle PALADINES aunque sin pureza de sangre. Y en lo Naval fueron la mejor flota de guerra, otorgarle una velocidad extra a sus barcos, que sean mas veloces. Eso estaría bueno, a demas de todas las tecnologias en la Flota.
-Turcos: Darles Pikeros y Guerrilleros de Elite. Solo eso. Por ahora. Con eso vuelven a la cancha, se utilizarian mas y estarian mas equilibrados. Son solo pikeros de castillos y guerrilleros de elite, no lloren tanto.

-Arabia: Vuelvan atras con esos bosques porque esta imposible, arreglen eso porfa, no sean tan abuso. Basta de llorones que por las walls ni nada, conque no toquen mapas tipo black forest en pleno Arabia, ya cumple. No sean tan abuso, acorten los cuadros para llegar a los bosques, al menos para el bosque inicial, no sean tan abuso.

-Poor ahora eso. Manita arriba.

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Polémico, pero me gustarían en general estos cambios… No le daría dactilera, sería demasiado si pudieses sacar al arquero de tiro largo desde las galerías y encima con dactilera. Darles paladín sería irrelevante, cómo los paladines celtas o los bizantinos.
El buff naval no lo veo mal tampoco… no recuerdo si ya está aplicado ese bonus a otra civ.

No estoy de acuerdo, los turcos están bastante bien. Dificil de jugar, pero super fuertes en imperial. Su debilidad es justamente la falta de trash… si les das una herramienta para sobrevivir a Castillos sería muy op

Tampoco de acuerdo, Arabia es abierto, es necesario un mapa abierto. Hay otros mapas semiabiertos como cenotes dónde es muy viable hacer FC

Esto es lo peor balanceado en la historia. Arqueros con 12 de alcance y que disparen más rápdo con puntería perfecta es demasiado. Parece que querés ganar todas las partidas con los ingleses o algo así.

Fueron la mejor flota de guerra en el mundo a partir del siglo XVI. En esta época ninguna de las naciones europeas se destacaba demasiado por sus barcos; únicamente los vikingos.

This makes absolutely no sense to me. The balance suggestions are bad, but the translation is terrible. It’s almost impossible to tell what you are saying. It also violates the forum rules that everything needs to be in English.

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He says that Britons should get Thumb Ring and Longbows should be available at the Archery Range after researching the Unique Tech. I know, right?

Oh, and I understand the rules of the fourm, but I apologize, I couldn’t resist to have a conversation in my language, so I replied.

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Balance goes out the window now.

Yes, that makes sense. For some reason, the translator worked better on what you said than on what anyone else said. Maybe because yours is shorter, worded differently, or missing words like Thumb Ring?

The abscense of game-specific terms made the mircale.

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It’s written in heavy argentine slang mashed with terrible grammar and writing skills.
Gargarensis answer, all the opposite, perfect grammar and redaction. He even used the “;” (period and coma, dont know how you call it in english), which requires to know where to use it 11.

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For me the writing isn’t the problem, the bad ideas are the problem. Especially the one for the Britons, sure they wouldn’t have the power spike in CA, but in late post imp they’d be unstoppable.

Ok ok, sin dactilera. Pero se entiende el punto de la catapulta y del +1 instantaneo por edad no? No tiene sentido.

Si si, justamente estaba pensando eso recien cuando iba al baño y pense en entrar a leer las respuestas… Me acordé de que el Age 2 esta ubicado en una epoca medieval pura… y los ingleses no tenian ese poder Naval.

You are wrong, it been perfectly written. I read a lot and my grammar its just fine.

Maybe the fingerprint is not necessary, and also the Naval bonuses. But the rest make sense to other guys.

Do you know what the translation of your original post looks like to an English speaker? Let me show you:

What is Dactilera? Thumb ring? Crown of Castle should be the Castle Age Unique Tech, the Long-shot archers are Longbowmen, and I assume that by Galleries you mean Archery Ranges. By Catapults you mean mangonels, and it’s ok to have a civ that can outrange mangonels, the next bit doesn’t make any sense. After that, not sure what the translation is totally, is it something about thinking the Imperial Unique tech should give either trebs or archers +1 or +2 range? You think they should be given Paladins, even though they usually dismounted to fight on foot, and are the classic archer civ, and by Purity of Blood you just mean Bloodlines. Navy is the common term for fleet in the game, and as has been determined earlier, that’s out of the timeline. Instead of Pikeros and Elite Guerrillas you mean Pikemen and Elite Skirmishers. Turks are already balanced, they aren’t so great on some maps, but they are good on maps like Arena. By return to the court I assume you mean make them viable, which they already are. Missing those techs is good, because it makes them more unique and distinctive, even if it does create problems against archer civs sometimes. The whole Arabia thing is just weird and makes no grammatical sense. Then the final line also makes absolutely no sense.

That’s what it looks like to me, or anyone else who had to use a translator. It’s a total mess, both the grammar and the suggestions.


That would be too powerful. Longbowmen are OP when created from archery ranges :open_mouth: the limiting factor is that they are created from castles, which are limited! Archery ranges you can have +40 of them if you want, how would you stop 12 range longbowmen that can be massed so easily? I guess the only counter would be siege rams filled with huskarls lol

@TheConqueror753 “poor now that. Little hand up.” lmao that sounds really funny actually 11

Hey, thanks a lot!

HAHAHAHA. It’s “Thumb Ring”, if you meant Dactilera.

Don’t worry, you understood his message perfectly.

I just wanted to explain that last line because I’m laughing so hard.

“Poor ahora eso. Manita arriba.” “Poor” was a spelling mistake; he meant “por”. The whole expression “por ahora” means “at the moment”. “Manita arriba” is another way of saying “thumbs up”. That is, he is asking for likes. The phrase translates to “Just that for the moment. Give me likes”.


Fingerprint HAHAHA. I didn’t know what was he talking about.

Not sure if this has been mentioned in the Spanish already, but…

The English used crossbows following the Norman Conquest – their prominent use of Longbows came later, roughly 14th-16th century. So using Crossbows in early Castle Age and then transitioning into Longbows is actually pretty historically accurate.

Britain’s reputation as a naval power comes from after the AoE2 time period. Sure, the English navy “defeated” the Spanish Armada in the late 16th century, but bad weather and poor planning by the Spanish did most of the work.

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Yeah, I clarified this point for him in our langugae. Do you want to know what he replied? “Yes, when I was in the bathroom I started to think about this topic, and realised the same thing”.

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