Came back after a long long time and

I still cant see the differences, someone enlighten me please…

Everything looked just the same… knights rush, bombard rush, rage quitters, drop hackers…

These famous “mods” everyone is talking about… I dont see any new things in the games I played, I am missing something for sure… But I’ll be giving it a chance this week and the next one (again)

Mmm la verdad yo no he jugado age 4 (No cuento con el dinero para comprármelo xd) pero viendo su costo y bajo mi punto de vista lo poco que ofrece… no siento que vaya a ser una buena inversión… esperare para los dlc´s del age of empires 2 y 3

i recomend to refund the game if the feel still but do it asap.

just refund at this point. Team game are nothing but rage quiters and drop hacks. Add in 80% wonder wins and wonder rushes