Came back to check on pup. Wow!

Pup changes look real good. Still not playing. Just same thing still for now. Mabe after pup changes i na few months time. Tried a few games. same ■■■■ but worse. Now its just firelancer rush in team game. Still no ranked support for team.

Aussie_Drongo was right. games mabe got decent devs that want to do well but its just a “carrot for gamepass” Microshit dont care about sales or numbers of players. None of that matters to them… just that it gets gamepass sales. AOE4 just drops players by the day.

p.s new rts comming STORMGATE looks sick AF. I cant wait. hope i get into beta. tHIS IS MY RTS OF CHOICE WHEN ITS OUT. Free to play (o yes) Big rts stuidos making it. Im hyped

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You can go play league of legends, nobody keeps you here.


in the end it was a gamepass bait

in all cases ms has to be blamed and punished for that kind of actions by not supporting the viewership in tourneys. It seems the true business was about sponsorship by viewer in toruney like a e sport

aoe is not a gamepass bait, there’s barely enough players in all of aoe world to count aoe as gamepass bait. most of aoe fans would gladly pay and keep these games forever.

you can blame ms or other rts studios but fact of the matter is rts as a genre has declined to such an extent that only few people play it, and it is not going to pick up a lot of players in the future either, although rts genre itself is getting revived thankfully by a lot of studios which is a good thing for us. but the golden days of rts are long gone.

maybe not but the quantity of player that payed just to try aoe 4 in the first month was huge to attract people to use the service. New user have a discount to only pay 1 bucks per months in the first 2 months. Thst enough to catch attention if aoe 4 fail to do in a long run. Those detail are enough to think it was on that way.

again the huge number of users in the first months reveal that rts can still have a public if its treated correcly and not delivered an unfinished product.