Camel Archers visual bugs - bug 1/2 - Camel Rider Barding

Bug description: The technology Camel Rider Barding which affects Camel Riders, is also changing the Camel Archers visually the same way it does to Camel Riders, provided they are at least Veteran Camel Archers. (which also makes them harder to distinguish than they already are).

The Bug can be easily reproduced by simply researching the tech while having camels archers at least veteran then producing some or have some camel archers on the field then upgrade then upgrade them to veteran after having researched Camel Rider Barding (notice that if the camels archers are already on the field sometimes the “update” happens with a delay which can be 0.5s or less or even 5+ seconds).

The order of researching veteran/elite and Camel Rider Barding does not seem to matter.

I tested the bug with Castle Age version as well not just elite units. It worked however I got the Camel Archer update with a long delay but this could be a small sample issue/rng.

Note: I am not sure if this bug is related to the other more subtle visual bug which I wrote about in the thread Camel Archer visual bugs - bug 2/2

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This bug heavily contributes to the unreadability of these units.

It is confusing for the Abbasid player as well. It makes attempting to micro individual types of Camels is quite difficult as they are nearly indistinguishable in appearance.

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Which is exactly why I started scrutinizing because I had a hard time while I was playing them not my opponent. It is actually easier for the opponent to distinguish them from their positioning, but the guy who actually has to micro and position them differently will suffer.

Thanks, all. The team is investigating.