Camel Archers visual bugs - bug 2/2

Bug Description: Sometimes Camel Archers look very similar to Camel riders except for their weapons (same Clothes for example).

Here is a screenshot for example:

The following video is from an actual custom game against real players. As soon as the “veteran” camel archer upgrades finishes they bug and become similar to camel riders in that instead of having mostly colored clothing they get greyish ones.

During the same game at a later stage, newly produced ones were still bugged then when the elite upgrade finishes they revert to what they should have been.

Right now I can reproduce the bug in the following way (there could be other ways and tech research orders but haven’t experimented enough): research both camel riders upgrades (the armor ones Camel Rider Shields and Camel Rider Barding) while having some camel archers out then upgrade camel archers to veteran or even without camel archers being already out, in which case just make some after the upgrade to veteran. Then research Elite Camel Archers and see how they revert back.

Kindly check the camel archer visual bugs - bug 1/2 thread as the two could be related.

Thanks @ProtossAMove! The team will investigate. Much appreciated!