Camel Buff for other Civs?

With the recent patch, Devs seem to want camel play more viable with the buff for Saracen and Hindustani’s camels Plus Gurjaras’s powerful camels. Therefore, I think other civs with camels should receive some loves as well, my suggestions are:

  1. Persian’s team bonus +2 attk vs archer also affects camels.
  2. Tatar’s UT silk armor also gives +1/1 armor to camels.
  3. Turk +1 pierce armor for camels as well.
  4. Cuman’s UT steppe husbandry also works on camels (they don’t have heavy camel btw).
  5. Free heavy camel upgrade for Ethiopians (or maybe Turks?).
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None of these civs are camel civs, so I don’t see why they should become camel civs just because they changed some camel civs.


Because you can never have too many camel civs.

I heard the more camels platform said that.


Did you also see how they’re labeled as “Camel” civs, and either don’t have knights or halbs or both.


The generic camel already does it’s job very well. They counter knights. Not every civ needs a bonus for their units.

Let’s take a perfect example. Britain’s and Frank’s have generic champions and halberdiers. They are not missing any upgrades. Yet they do not have any bonus towards them.

I think buildings shouldn’t do bonus damage against camels anymore and maybe Spearline should do a bit less bonus damage than they do now.

As for OPs suggestion I’m a bit indifferent, as I don’t think its really needed, on the other hand it wouldn’t make them too strong.

Personally I always found the Camel-line not that great since the game came out.
They are only useable to kill cavalry and the generic Camel can only barely win 1v1 vs. generic Knight-line, while some civs Camels even loose 1v1.
I think for such a costly unit, they should either perfeorm better in their niche as in win more dicisively againsts Knights, or be a bit better as a generalist.
So personally, I barely use Camels, only when they have hefty bonusses, like Hindustanis, Berbers or Saracens, or in an absolute emergency.
But I guess most people think that Camels are fine the way they are, so what do I know.

Why would you ever fight archers with camels as persians? That wouldn’t change anything?

Tartara already have insane bonuses for their units and a pretty flexible tech tree. They rarely play camels anyways as you prefer to cav archers vs knights.

Precisely because they don’t have heavy camel they don’t make camels past early castle age anyways.

Turks already have enough free upgrades. And Ethiopians apparently aren’t supposed to have good camels. Btw free heavy camel upgrade is kinda op. You save a lot of research time so cavalry civs wouldn’t even have momentum with faster imp time.

That could however be in interesting dynamic, to make ethiopian camels viable for a brief period.

Hera wants +1 pierce armor to all Camels.

Hopefully not all camels. Camel scouts dont really need it imo

Idk I mean early imp is precisely the moment where arbalest shine. I guess you’d rather go into camels later on as ethiopians when cavalier numbers get higher or even to defend from hussar raids. Against good paladin you’d need halb anyways.

And besides that I honestly don’t like giving civs bonuses for units that they don’t have have good upgrades on too much. Like what’s the point of cuman cav archers created super fast if they don’t have bracer?

I mean I wasn’t really serious. I wouldn’t make ethiopian camels anyway.
That being said, I kind of like the idea of incentivising unusual and/or unexpected unit compositions.

I mean lots of Civs have bonusses on not fully upgraded units (a lot of times because otherwise the units would be too good), like goth infantry, mongolian cav archers, burgundian hand cannon, … , still Bracer is more crucial to cav archers than the final armor tech to the ones i just mentioned, but still I’m not opposed toying around with upgrades and bonusses, to give a unit a different use case.
The gurjara elephant archer is such a case. Missing lots of PA, but get MA instead.
Is it still viable? Was or is the EA ever viable? Is it better with MA instead of PA? Does it now have a different role?
Doing stuff like this gives flavor and variety.

imagine costing 75 gold and not countering other cav lol

this post was made by the camel gang

Yeah but these civs lack something because otherwise they’d be too strong. I mean mongol ca would be fine I guess but mangudai wouldn’t. However ethiopians lack the two most crucial upgrades for camels so this a pretty different imo.

Yep and I’m telling you nobody is gonna make that unit as guejaras 11. Well okay it’s cheaper so you het an incentive but I still highly doubt your resources are well invested here.

Completely agree. Just think that ethiopian camels or gurjaras ea aren’t the best examples for that as they lack too basic stuff. Like even if gurjara ea lacked crucial upgrades you could for instance justify it as halb counter (the civ basically only has UU here) but without parthian tactics that won’t work. This leaves them with no role unless spam cheap ea for trolling purposes in a game that you already have won long ago. At least I can’t think of any reasonable use case.

That would be a bad idea considering how it went last time with the old Indian civ. TGs would become just about camels

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But your also missing bloodlines

I’m secretly wishing this as a new stable technology for some civs for almost 2 years now. I need to think through this for a bit more time and come up with the possible balance.