Camel riders

Does anyone else think the melee weapons for camel riders look too small. They are supposed to be an anti calvalry unit but they are carrying tiny knives.

Don’t you agree? I think they should get either spears or at least a longer sword because there is no way they could fight effectively on their mount with such a small weapon.

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Im more curious about both camel units being anti-cavalry.


In real life, horses are scared of camels, you can look it up if you want. Sometimes horses would stampede when facing camels (meaning that rider loses control of the horse.) I think that in-game this will translate to an aoe damage reduction for enemy cavalry or something like that.


The role of Camel Riders is not to provide damage against cavalry, their role is it reduce the damage of enemy cavalry.

The Camel Archer is an anti-cavalry cavalry unit that reduces damage from nearby enemy cavalry units.

This is the quote from Camel Archers but it also applies to Camel Riders.

They said in an interview that it’s a bad idea to build a lot of Camels and directly attack the enemy with them.
Camels are support units.


I understand that part. I mean I am curious from a gameplay perspective. It is remarkable that a civ with so few unique units would have two that appear to both play a similar role, albeit one ranged and the other melee.

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So like Delhi?
Kinda ironic, isn’t it?

Maybe the Camel Rider and Camel Archer are more different than we think in practice but we have to wait till the Beta to find that out.

I wouldn’t be shocked if Camel Riders turn out to be just Camel Archers in melee mode.

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There was mention of some sort of aura buff (or debuff?) from the Camel riders, so I’m expecting that maybe one of the units will just be generally good against cavalry while the other works with the aura. Or one has a buff, while the other has a debuff. If they both have the exact same role/function, I’m gonna be mad >:(


No, they’ve already shown they are separate units.

We know that there are House of Wisdom upgrades that only apply to one of them.
We also know that the Camel Archers for sure debuff enemies.
We also know that one of them can buff allies but not sure if both.

So maybe you are right. Camel Archers debuff enemies and Camel Rider buff allies.


I am not aware that the roles of the two elephants from Delhi are publicly announced.

yeah dehli is the only comparison we can make for now. NDA won’t let me describe further. But it seems they will have different roles/proficiencies.

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Im not a very big fan of descriptive words like “powerful,” or “devastating” or telling us the number of things that do not appear to affect the stats (like the number of archers on an elephant). Hopefully the game provides crystal clear stats so we don’t need to rely on these written flourishes to figure things out.

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Yeah they haven’t been very transparent about how things actually will work. We will find out how having multiple archers will matter later perhaps.

Yeah we should expect to see stats n stuff in game when its released. It’d be weird if they didn’t.

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Looks like Abbasids will be more like Anti-French civ

Interestingly enough, AD is described as an “adaptive civilization”.

the Abbasid Dynasty receive Camel Archers and Camel Riders, which serve as unique anti-cavalry cavalry units.

The Abbasid Dynasty’s unique ability to construct Landmarks and advance through the ages without needing to assign active villagers enables the Abbasid Dynasty to continue gathering resources, construct buildings, or perform other tasks allowing uninterrupted growth.

Ngl - to me, it sounds a lot like they’re an anti-rush civ. Not having to assign villagers to an age-up landmark means it’s going to be easier to keep vils closer to your defensive buildings. And having Camel Archer (Anti-Cav) available at Age 2 will be an easy quick response to Cav rushes.