CAMERA center issue

Im a sitting with this frustrating issue that when I double-tapping my control group key its suppose to center the camera on my units, but it takes it to a random location between my units when they are separated.

When all units within the control group are together (same location) the camera will center to the group when double tapping.

The issue comes in when you have units in the same control group that are not in the same location, double tapping the relevant control group moves the camera away from units.

it would be great to center the camera on where majority of the units are - I believe this is how it works with other RTS - SC2, AOE 2 etc.


They already know and don’t care, thank you for your feedback.

Next patch is for next year maybe.

I agree with you. I have the same issue. It is quite annoying tbh!

It’s worse than that. Let’s say you have a control group with different unit types. Yo can cycle through them using “tab”, yet it’s not possible to center the camera in one specific unit type. The same is true when you press F1-f4 and cycle through your buildings: its not possible to center the camera in any of them. It is totally incomprehensible.