Camera is too zoomed in

Is anyone experiencing an extreme zoom in? It wasn’t like this last night. Obviously, I checked the Video options. Am I just going crazy?

I guess I could get used to it! I just don’t wannnaa.

this happens to me too. i m watching streams and feeling like they playing with more zoom-out than me. are we crazy or we playing on zoom-in. np on settings 1920-1080 screen

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I have no idea what’s going on. I’ve tried changing all my settings. I think next I’ll try turning off plugins and see if that works.

I see nothing wrong with you picture, whats your zoom settings? Have you recently enabled the 4K res texture pack? UHD graphics pack dlc or something


That’s probably it! I think I did have the 4K update. It does look really good. Played last night and I suppose it feels alright. Checking my plugins next.

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This is how I always play 11

Enhanced Graphics DLC forces view to be more zoomed in. You will get the same zoom level at 4K monitor with Enhanced Graphics than at 1080p monitor without Enhanced Graphics.


You can however fake a 4K resolution on a 1080p screen to get higher zoom-out:


have you tried using the scroll wheel to zoom out?

if you play on laptop you playing on more zoom in than pc