Camouflage highlighting of enemy units and gold chest highlighting visible in undiscovered territory

When playing the last mission of the hundred years war campaign “The Battle of Formigny” enemy units hidden in high grass were visible in the undiscovered territory right from the start of the mission, because their camouflage-highlighting was visible. Needless to say, this removes the surprise element from these surprise attacks.

This also applied to the golden threads hanging from the sky that mark a gold chest. This prevents it from being a lucky find.

I captured the bugs in the attached screenshots.

My game build information: in German from Steam

AoE4 is a good game and I really love it, but I noticed various technical flaws and a rough state of the animations. If these are ironed out, for me the game moves from being good to being great.

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Thank you for the report @MajJerling—the team will take a look!

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