Campaign Achievement "Rome Was Destroyed in One Day" Standard Difficulty Playthrough

First I am sorry for my poor English!

I found that many people struggle with this achievement, and currently there is no video about it, so I made my own. I think this is one of the hardest and rarest achievement in the game!

I got this achievement before the December patch, and the video taken after the patch, here it is:

I have a few tips for this achievement:

  • "30 minutes" means in-game time, you will receive the achievement at the moment you took down all castles (not the moment you win the mission), so you actually have a few more seconds to beat it.

  • Booming – Very important so you can keep making units and reinforcing. (but please note that what I did in this video is not a good example because I know nothing about build order and villager/produce ratio)

  • Full upgraded Huskarl & Trebuchet is enough for this mission, and they must be defense stand so you can avoid unnecessarily combat. I saw someone who succeeded said he also make Cavalry & Monks for support, a good idea, but too complex for me. Also, remember to use the new building you got from Purple to reinforcing.

  • Study the map, I find out there is a “Best Attack Route”, and all 12 castles have their own “Safety Spot” for trebs, all shown in the picture below. Most east, west and south castles can take down easily (Blue line). The last 3 castles should be attacked at the same time for time-saving (Red line). in my point, Green line is the most difficult part, remember to save & take your time to study.

  • Neutral stand for purple, attacking Purple’s buildings may cause unnecessarily combat, also you will get Purple’s buildings after destroyed each castle.

  • Friendly stand for Red, so you don’t misclick Red’s building and slow you down.

  • Save, although I didn’t save&load in this video, I did save&load a few times when the first time I got this achievement, I recommend saving once before starting the attack and save every time each castle been destroyed.

  • Difficulty – Just do standard difficulty if you just want the achievement

  • I feel like purple is less aggressive and the ally is much helpful after the December update, this achievement should be easier to get now.

Hope this will be helpful.

– Update –

I tried this mission again in hard difficulty since I want the gold medal.

  • In hard difficulty, Purple make Cataphracts to guard their castles

  • So we can’t just take down the western castle by trebs only like I do in the video, escorts are needed.

my record is 37:07, and around 3~4 minutes is about to take down this one last western castle. if we send a few escorts at first place, we can save those times.

I feel like this is not impossible anymore, good luck.


Thanks for making this, Tried it twice, but now i think i have a chance :smiley:

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Thank you for the guide, man. I was driving nuts with this achievement.

Thanks for making me hope again I can get this one xD I have failed several times, now well… did not follow the guide exactly, but finally got it (second try today). Slow speed, standard diff, but with over 2 mins left on the clock :smiley: finally this is done