Campaign and Historical Battles Difficulty

Initially I need to say that I’m not a good player, although I’ve been playing for some time.

That said, my recommendation is that you make campaigns and historical battles more difficult.

Currently, even in hard mode they are extremely easy. Some historical battles for example, in between 10-20 min the player is already dominating the map entirely. This is extremely unpleasant, especially when compared to the historical battles and campaigns from AoE2.

Sorry for my english.

Comparto eso, yo siento que los niveles son demasiado sencillos (solo hay algunos que son medianamente dificiles, pero fuera de ello son realmente sencillo) aunque, para que algunos niveles de las campañas se hagan mas difíciles por ejemplo súbanle el daño a los soldados óseos, y también pongan a las civs nuevas utilizándolas en aquellos niveles en donde son nombradas, por ejemplo usar a México en el nivel de la defensa del fuerte

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Yes, put the right civs on their spot in the campaigns, like Mexico and USA.

AoE3 I even like some scenarios of the main campaigns, as for the historical battles, I like the context, the civs, but I can’t like the scenarios themselves, because they are too easy (even on hard).

I recently finished two of the AoE2 Dinaties of India campaigns and Jadwiga and in some scenarios I was like “Wow! I did it”, not only finishing the scenario, but also getting the achievements.

AoE3 needs to bring that feeling too.

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I think there difficulties are ok, the historical battles can be quite difficult, though admittedly the campaign missions are easy to get a win if you know them well.