Campaign Balance Changes?

Do you think the campaigns might need significant changes? Or slight changes from civs being buffed?

There’s balancing around multiplayer but then there’s also the campaigns. Luckily it’s much more easy to balance a campaign since you can use triggers or place down more relics/resources to give the human player more help.

The Horde Rides West for example might need some changes. The Mongols now face a much stronger Persian AI. Throwing down a relic (or more resources) near your main base might be enough. Or some helpful trigger to help the Mongols beat a now much stronger Persians.

Unrelated to your query but, I would be a sucker for Hardest or even Extreme difficulty for campaigns



That’s why you can change AI difficulty before starting a campaign scenario. If you struggle with a certain difficulty, you can always reduce it

I wonder if there’s any campaign only units that should be updated.

considering that they didnt change the starting resources (afaik) when they replaced Byzantines with Romans in the Alaric campaign I doubt it

Maybe Imperial Legionaries and Centurions, so they have the same abilities as Legionaries and Centurions

To be fair, as a campaign creator, 3 difficulty levels, done in a comprehensive manner, are already a lot of work to parameter. Campaigns used to have 5 difficulty settings in the past, most of them not relevant, as setting all of these was already a pain in the ass, and nowadays it would just turn AI scripts in novels.

I agree that an Exterme/Hardcore level past hard could be worth it for super experienced players, but most of the SP playerbase already struggles on Hard difficulty tbf.