Campaign Civs playable in Skirmish?

Is there anyone know how to make campaign civs like Knights of St.Malta, John Black’s Merc and USA playable in Skirmish? I tried add new Home Cities file but the Savegame folder keep delete and reset things for me.

i remember in the 2005 game you could take the campaing civs files and place it in your homecity folder, it was fun, but they werent practical, some got stuck in certain age and lacked important techs.

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Tried it, the game just keep delete the Home City files I copied into Saved Game.

Because the DE verion add a file checksum for anti-cheating. If doesn’t meet the checksum, files will be removed.

Shame though, I always want to play as the Circle or USA.

Need a offical mod guide. :rofl: I can’t add a new civ in DE, but it is easy in original. :joy:

I just able to replace the German temporarily with The Circle lol, before the game decided to smack my face after I won. The whole German faction is disappeared.

Mods for campaign civs are already in work.

Great! But another problem is can’t modify ui for EU civ adding a “export” resource tag.