Campaign Crash - In the Shadow of the Throne

Same here. Reaching the village crashes the game.

It happens too me to :frowning:
Inhope they fix this as soon as possible.

found a workaround so the game doesn’t crash.

Don’t bring Jogaila near either town center (yet).
Turn blue team into enemy.
Destroy the town center.
Turn blue team into ally again.
Bring Jogaila near the destroyed town center.
You will see another town center appear in place of the one you destroyed.
Cheers guys.

screenshot of the captured city:

To the DEVS: The issue IS with something about the TOWN CENTER.
Hope this helps DEVS pinpoint the root cause of the crash.


i have the same issue

Probado en la Ciudad al OESTE
Gracias, Funciono para mí.

Aleje al Héroe del centro Urbano

Cambie la Diplomacia a Neutra

Destruir el Centro urbano.

Volví a cambiar la diplomacia a Aliado.

Aleje las tropas del Centro urbano.

Acerque al héroe a la bandera, y todo funciono.

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Can confirm that your trick worked. At least for the same village


Yes, your workaround is legit. Thank you!

Also, I noticed that not only the Town Center respawns, but the killed villagers too.


Thank you, thank you thank you!! The bug is definitely in the Town Centers.

I was finally able to complete the campaign. You are an absolute legend jpmc93.


Thank you, your advice really works

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@ChristheCo now that @jpmc93 narrowed down the range for you, could it be fixed?

I had the same issue, and I bypassed it thanks to jpmc93’s solution (and I couldn’t thank him enough).
Is it possible that it would be caused by the flag in the eastern town center? I noticed it was placed directly ON the town center rather than a nearby square, maybe it creates a conflict when the building changes hands?

I had the same issue and used the above method to get around it.

  1. Get Jogaila
  2. March troops (without Jogaila) to town you want
  3. Change diplomatic status and have all units attack town center. Some villagers will garrison but will not fight back.
  4. Change your diplomatic status as soon as town center is destroyed
  5. Bring Jogaila near villagers and they will convert to your side as intended along with a rebuilt town center in the exact same spot.