Campaign Dialog Portrait Fix

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I made this mod because the mismatching portraits in dialog annoyed me for many reasons:

  • Some named characters were given the wrong portraits in some instances. Ka:nien and Chayton being the worst offenders.
  • Generic characters either were just given Crossbow/Skirmisher portraits regardless of the unit flashing during the dialog, or were given no portraits at all. I did my best to make them fit the context of each situation.
  • Some portraits went unused and buried in the files, despite there being multiple chances to use them. Neamaltha and Mototada are examples of this. I took this chance to give them a chance to shine.

I also did a bit of text editing for some redundancies in the dialog, as well as naming some “generic” characters (Young Chilche, Neamaltha, some Daimyos in Sekigahara).

Unfortunately, additive modding wouldn’t allow me to make an additive mod with portrait changes. Unless this changes, I’m forced to use the stringtabley.xml file directly. This might cause issues with other strings mods in English.

Let me know your thoughts!

I’m also annoyed by the inconsistency of the portraits. Once upon a time I created a list (not entirely relevant for today)