Campaign difficulty on Standard setting too difficult

I have been playing the Age of Empires franchise for the past 20 years, and I love the games. I’m not the fastest or best player, but I like to play the campaigns, and even the Standard setting is very difficult due to the AI attacking early on. Would you consider creating an Easiest difficulty level for players like me who really enjoy the game, but are not as fast as they used to be.
Thank you


You can pause the game to think about your strategic decisions or to micro some units.

While I play every Campaingn now on hard I get what is meant here. The difference between the difficulties is just really low

I’d say in terms of the first attempt, some campaigns on standard are harder than beating the moderate AI in a 1v1 game. But with the campaigns, if you lose on the first attempt, you can try again and you know exactly how it will go, at which point it becomes easier, possibly eventually easier than moderate AI 1v1 where each game can be a bit unpredictable. The difficulty of the campaign missions also varies a lot, even for the same 1/2/3 swords rating.

I think they mostly aren’t unreasonably hard on the standard setting. I have an APM that is around 1/10th of that of a top player but I beat most of the Lords of the West campaign missions first time, I think just a couple I needed a 2nd attempt, but I prefer that to easily beating them first time.

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i feel the same’ its way too hard on standard’ it feels like the AI is cheating, no easy difficulty in DE, today’s “standard” is 15 years ago’s hard. i couldnt find any mod/guide about how to revrse the difficulty to the classic set where you could choose between 5 different difficulties’ including easy and easiest’ which are now gone. i searched for something to indicate the difficulty at the .PER files but its too much data and i honestly dont know anything about it, any modder here that can help?

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We need a Story Mode version of the campaigns or make standard a bit easier. The AI has been revamped since the original version.

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In General i think the difficulty is fine but it on one Hand has some Missions that are unreasonably hard on Standard(Ethiopian 1&2, forgotten hungarians, 5th Bari, 4th Indian, to Name a few of the top of my head) and on some the ai never attacks you.