Campaign editor?

Is there going to be a campaign editor? For that matter, a scenario editor?


Scenario/Map editor is confirmed. They said that they will release mod tools in 2022 so I don’t know if that includes the scenario editor or if the scenario editor will be available on release.

They never talked about a campaign editor so maybe no.
AoE3 never had a campaign editor.


Imagine a multiplayer campaign, where instead of AI you can play against your friends, or play co-op against an enemy AI.

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Hooray for mod tools! I can already imagine what I might want to mod…

Map editor in AoE2 was 1/3rd of the reason why I loved that game. So much fun making my own stuff and plying other’s creations from AoEheaven etc.

I was tinkering in AoE3’s map editor for some time, but it never felt as functional or polished and effective as one in AoE2.
Things like random map generation, setting up AI, starting positions were a massive pain in 3’s editor. It’s such a shame, because AoE III is crazy content rich.

Makes me think of Red Alert 3 and its coop campaign.

Same. The editor is a huge part of why I like Age of Empires, since the first game.
I wish the AoE2 editor had the features it has now when started I playing it 20 years ago.

I felt like the exact opposite, especially before the Definitive Editions.
The AoE3 editor has so much more functions and is so much more convenient to use. AoE3 triggers are far from perfect but everything takes me easily half as much time in AoE3 than AoE2.

Yes it’s a bit harder to get into AoE3s Editor but I feel like it might be necessary to get the added complexity.

This is one of the nice little changes they did for the definitive edition, AI is now default on and set up and you have to turn it of (be deleting the AI start object) if you don’t want it.

They also added a search function to the Units menu making it easier to find units/buildings/etc. especially now with all the Expansions.

Technically you didn’t need one, because in Aoe3 you can all the next scenario with triggers.

Yea but there is no campaign view with a progression.

A campaign more could have a huge potential like branching progression, or a way to transferee informations like if you did a side quest from one mission to the next.

In AoE3 you just took the XP to unlock new home city cards with you.

In legacy yes, but they added the function of carrying over information from one scenario to the next. That’s how the medals get awarded at the end of the matches ( historical campaigns)

oh you can, didn’t know.
How does it work?
Would still be nice to have an UI for it though.