Campaign Factions as possible new civs - (How to open .sga files)?

Hi guys,

I wanted to open up this thread to ask about the possibilities of having factions from the campaign becoming new civs:

From the Normans campaign:
Normandy, Denmark/Danes

From the Hundred Years War:
N/A but Burgundians from AOE2 do not feature?

From the Mongols campaign:
Poland/Poles, Bohemians, Hungary/Hungarians/Magyars

From the Rise of Moscow campaign:
Novgorod Republic, Lithuania/Lithuanians

I also wanted to ask if anyone here knows how to open the .sga files which comprise all the game assets (to have a look & see if we can find something there about future civs)?

Hungarians and Norse/Scandinavian would be interesting and pretty fitting, I think.

I don’t believe Burgundians and Novgorod are very probable, though. Except if AoE4 takes the AoE2: DE route, I’d assume they’re considered French and Rus’ derivatives.


There is an SGA viewer (designed for Dawn of War) but lots of editing requires something that can convert rgd files, which doesn’t seem to currently exist for AOE4. I’ve already seen that accuracy and friendly fire can be added back into the game. Can’t wait for a realism mod!

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One thing I noticed was that the Siege of Kazan faction was still Mongol when they would have been Tatars by that time (indeed AOE2’s Tatar civ uses the Golden Horde symbol).