Campaign Heroes not receiving upgrades

I’m playing the campaign and I noticed that in some missions, the Hero units does not receive the Blacksmith bonuses and some missions they do. Shall we make a list for the devs to fix it? As I play the campaign, I will try to fill the list.

  • Atilla first mission, Atilla does not receive the blacksmith upgrade bonuses.

  • In Sforza campaign, in some missions he does not receive the blacksmith bonuses.

  • In Pachacuti campaign, Vicariao and Apo Mayta don’t receive the blacksmith upgrades.

I suppose the problem is when the hero unit switch player control and so the unit stats are locked. I propose a general change for this rule where Heroes are not locked and always receive the player upgrades, as this will fix all the missions at once.


Hmm, as far as I know, there is a general rule, that units/buildings received from other players (including gaia) do not receive upgrades. If this is the case, then there is not much point in making exception for heroes. After all, they should usually sit safe and sound in castles anyway.

So then units you get at the start of a mission don’t get upgrades?
I’ll test that out.

It’s safe to keep your heroes in a castle and a good choice if you want to finish the mission with minimum play time.
But what if your goal is to find how quickly the mission can be completed at all?

In various missions, like Sforza and Pachacuti, your heroes don’t need to be kept alive to win the mission. And in some missions like the Genghis Kahn campaign, you get ranged cavalary heroes, so you can safely use him without a problem.

The hero units are very strong and it’s very usefull to use him in an early attack. I don’t see a reason to not fix this so the game is consistent. Because it’s really bad to see some missions your Hero becoming very strong with 20 attack and 6-7 armor and in other missions being stuck with 16 attack and 2 armor.

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Units which were converted/got an ownership change can’t be affected by upgrades. This is not something that will change.

This is actually by design, to avoid stacking upgrades. Like you convert a fully upgraded paladin, and then research bloodlines yourself for +20 HP. If converted units were affected by upgrades, you’d end up with 200 HP paladin and things alike.

Maybe game could remember what upgrades units have received, so when player researches bloodlines, then it is not applied to converted units already having bloodlines?

That may be possible, but then you run into problems when for example converting a Frankish knight with +20% HP, and then researching bloodlines yourself would give it +20 HP on top ? It can quickly start to become problematic.

OP is only talking about the particular case of heroes. His request is simple and logical at my point of view, we don’t need to complex it…

And I’m explaining exactly why heroes who go through a change ownership trigger don’t receive upgrades. Want to fix that ? Well you need to rework the whole system of upgrades for changed ownership/converted units.


Just need an exception for heroes. Giving upgrades to Hero will never create problems anyway.

And I don’t know why the units converted don’t simple remember the upgrades it have and simple add the ones it does not have. That’s how all RTS does.

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For the simple reason that it would not be enough. Take the example of conversion of a Frank knight I gave for example.

Why is there any problem…? I don’t see how your example is a problem. Just treat the +20% HP like an upgrade.

So if you convert a Frank Knight, it ‘remembers’ it have the +20% hp ‘upgrade’ researched on him. If you upgrade Bloodlines, it will look to see if this unit have this upgrade and give to him.

Where is the problem here…?