Campaign Idea/Petition : Byzantine Restoration of the Western Roman Empire

The Byzantines (Purple) under the leadership of Emperor Justinian the Ist. Featuring military commanders such as Belisarius and Narses. Conquering Dalmatia, Carthage, Sicily, Italy (including Rome) and Spain. Fighting the Vandals (Grey), Ostrogoths (Teal and Green), Franks (Blue). The campaigns in North Africa and Italy were featured as the learning campaign for Empire Earth. Would be a dream to have Microsoft actually do an official campaign for this with big maps and long and difficult missions. Such an overlooked gem of history.


1st Mission fighting the Sassanid Empire, 2nd Mission taking Carthage and North Africa, 3rd Mission the first Gothic War conquering Sicily and Italy, 4th Mission fighting the Sassanid Empire again with final mission being the second Gothic War which would end with you having to defeat both the Ostrogoths and Franks (with an option to tribute gold to hold off the Franks).

Byzantines (Purple)
Vandals (Grey)
Ostrogoths (Teal, Green)
Franks (Blue)
Sassanid Empire (Yellow, Orange)

and a final sixth mission whan belisarius had made a false army of man and driven off some bulgars with horns and war drums and maybe this: Byzantines( blue), vandals(grey), ostorgoths( green), franks(teal) and sassanids ( purple ) and bulgars in the final mission ( orange)

Byzantines (Blue) is acceptable, although the imperial purple (while not the attire of the military) is why I like Byzantines (Purple).
(Red) is too Western Roman Empire circa antiquity.

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Honestly I would love a Roman expansion pack. 3 or 4 campaigns stretching from late antiquity to the fall of Constantinople. Featuring Justinian I campaign. Everyone loves Romans, easiest sale to make, “The Romans”.

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The Romans sound a bit too generic, maybe something like the ancient conquerors would sound better and include some sub civs of the byzantine civ such as the byzantines in egypt to get a civ, and Palmyra maybe? In this pack they could also add western rome and georgia ( idk the georgians fought with and against the romans many times


There is a very good and detailed Belizarius campaign in the HD workshop by an Italian user, whose name currently escapes me.

Unfortunately, the HD lag makes some of the scenarios unplayble.

Hopefully, he brings it over to DE eventually.

I’d imagine in a “Romans” expansion pack the additional multiplayer civs would be people the Romans fought with and/or against. Maybe have all the campaigns as Byzantines with one campaign featuring a unique to campaign civ literally “Romans” for the Western Empire late antiquity fighting off Huns and Goths.
Tech Tree upgraded in all campaigns to allow creation of legionnaires.

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There is a fun siege map in the campaign mods on this site “The Last Romans” where you defend Constantinople against Mehmed II. Voiced and everything. Only thing that annoyed me is he had the Janissaries with gunpower weapons and Cannon Gallons attack you when the only gun powder weapons at the battle were basically like bombard cannons.

Why not play the campaign Belizarius in DE?It is a good campaign!

I couldn’t find an English one. Can you send me a link?

I have made a campaign about Justinian. 7 scrnarios. It’s called Flavius Justinian.

Basil II could also make a great campaign. If his long reign isn’t enough, it can be made even longer with his regency under Nikephoros Phocas, serving as a prologue to Basil’s reign.

i agree give us Buzantine campaigns.
oh and change Byz language to Greek.

you can search for beliselus released by others before you ,why others do a better job than you.

I think I’d rather keep the Georgians for another dlc in which they could be grouped together with the Armenians. If this one focuses on the Byzantine Empire and is limited to 2 new civs, I would chose Vandals and Pechenegs.

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Adding Byzantine subfactions seems pointless to me honestly. Rather add Vandals

i’d rather add non european civs at this point. especially if we are capped at 48 civs.


That’s funny, both of my suggestions are in somewhat of a grey area in this regard… Pechenegs came from Central Asia and settled in the Pontic–Caspian steppe (which to be honest feels like it’s not yet part of Europe in this time period) and the Vandals came from Europe but settled in Northern Africa.