Campaign List will not show

So i go to play the campaign in single player and none of them show,What could be the reason for this?

Which AOE version are we talking about here?

Definitive edition,I can play random map and online but nothing in the campaign shows.

What build does the main screen say and could you post a picture of the campaign menu?

Says Build 21322

This is very strange of course. I would like to suggest that you rightclick on AOE DE icon and choose more and then settings. Somewhere down the app settings screen click on ‘Reset’ button. This will reinstall the game. Let’s see what happens after that.

No difference at all unfortunately.

I completely uninstalled the game and re downloaded it through the microsoft store and now everything is showing up.Can’t wait to play the campaign now.

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Happy you got it working. Have a lot of fun with the campaigns.

Wonderful news. The real question for the Quality Assurance team is how to replicate the problem. That is important because you don’t want more players like yourself running into that issue. It is possible that a series of abnormal events occurred to make it a very rare use case, but it’s still good to validate that and take those sort of things seriously, because it negatively affects your experience and I’m sure they’d want to avoid that.

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I still have one in private chat here that can’t get it running on Windows 1809 build and there’s no way to go back anymore to 1803. I think MS support should put a little bit more effort in helping these people too by supplying the 1803 ISO or at least fix it in 1903 build.

Any guesstimation as to how many have been affected by this? Need to consider the return on that investment of resources.

That’s hard to say. Because I’m not even sure if there is an issue between AOE DE and Windows 10 build 1809 but it’s known not to work on insider builds and I remember that they had to fix the chat bug after postponed release. That chat bug arrived after the release of Windows build 1803. I would first use resources to query the MS store or AOE DE application performance statistics about how much people are running AOE DE at the moment on Windows 10 build 1809. If that number is zero then I can predict more of these will come to get support. This customer was redirected by MS to reinstall Windows 10, but that always gives the latest version when available. In this case a full fresh correct install of Windows 10 build 1809 did not solve the problem. I think at the moment build 1903 is being deployed to public. Holding my fingers crossed. I still run on 1803 non-targeted (ready for business). I did invite you in the private message to follow up on it.

Try uninstalling and then reinstalling

I’m glad to hear that you managed to get this worked out. If it happens again, take note of the circumstances that led to it breaking and I’ll see what we can do to reproduce and address the issue!

Enjoy the game! :smiley: