Hello all! Ya boi Confidential back with another positivity post! Some of u may have seen me in chat because i like to comment in all the streams of the pros! I actually probably watch more than i play. Not really a particular reason other than trying to improve or just on a time limit.

But it brings me to my point. Watching pros with their high apms or just sheer amount of their hours played u can hear them talk about bugs and things. Or the imba of trade lol. But this brings me to my point when watching Demuslim someone in chat said something along the lines of “Hey demuslim i dont really play rts much do you think i should play the game for the campaign?” And all the chat assured him how great the story really is and to try it out each of them picking a different favorite piece of it.

With that being said i wanted to give props to the campaign ive only played a few hours but man the narroration, cut scenes, graphic quality. All of that just mashed into a battle to make it feel like you’re reliving that moment of history! Someone even made a joke and said “All the history i know, i know from AoEIV campaign” lol. But man the flak that this game can get for bugs i hear nothing but great things about the campagin. Its definitely slept on. Great job by devs on the campaign for sure!!!

(I also love the online and dont experience bugs but hey to each their own)

Comment on ur fav part of the campaign or AOE overall :slight_smile: also can add me for some games!


I agree! Played the campaigns twice already, and looking forward to playing it a third time sometime. Mongol and Rus Campaigns are especially great. I really hope there will be campaigns of that quality for every single civ sometime!