Campaign pack for China/Japan/Korea?

China, Japan & Korea have no dedicated campaigns, yet they were among the grandest civilizations in the world. There are many stories to be told…

The devs can’t keep adding (minor) new civilizations forever… but they can create an asian campaign pack. The asian market is huge and such a pack could generate extra profit for Microsoft, financing continuing support for the AOE franchise.



AoE have Yamato campaign.
AoE III have a Japanese campaign .

@Lionkanzentai I think DJplumo is suggesting an East Asia campaign for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.

yes because were in general forum he must be more specific.

I agree with you, but you need at least a few more civs for that. Adding civs like Birmese and Thai would bring amazing new stories and campaigns to the franchise. And a lot of graphic material will be usable for AOE III too when the British come into play. Just check the story or Suriyothai e.g.

Eight New Campaigns by Filthydelphia (FE Campaign Designer) There, you can find 2 Chinese campaigns and 1 Japanese campaign. Also, new ones keep coming, so eventually Korean will get one as well. In general, no one will pay for such a pack because the community does produce a lot of scenarios.

Those campaigns consist of single scenario each AFAIK. They are simply packed as campaigns :slightly_smiling_face:

You don’t know how people think unless you ask them

Welp, I’m quite surprised then. I really expected people to give money on Patreon at most.

Burmese are already in the game. Thai isn’t included though.

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It’s because he had AoE3 in mind. And this game has no Burmese (I don’t even think they have some kind of mercenary unit to represent them)

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You are correct, totally forgot about the last expansion (not there yet, not much time to play lalety). Still you will need interesting stories to tell regarding campaigns and by adding Thai together with the Burmese you add several wars and campaigns from ages of empires and kingdoms ago. So very suitable to add if they would create another dedicated SE Asian campaign pack.