Ideas on a new Campaign DLC or Something

First, let’s start off with a poll. How much would you be willing to pay to see a DLC pack that includes a minimum of 4 new campaigns?

  • Nothing - would never purchase DLC
  • $5
  • $10
  • $15
  • or $3 per extra campaign

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Next, what sort of campaigns would you like to see? And what civilizations would be present in them (and if applicable, acting as another nation)? I personally want to see some more of the Crusades, as there were quite a few of them.

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Throw in Tibetans, Georgians, Thais and Swahili as well and I would go with 10 bucks.


I’d be content with Georgians, Tibetans and Dutch

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Dutch don’t come into their own till 16th century after the timeline of the game.

Ah yes, my bad. Well i can’t really find anything other than Gerogians or Tibetans to add to the game really. Thai(land) is part of the Khmer Empire in medieval period

Well, it is already happening and it’s FREE!!

I could be wrong on that, but I think that the plan with DE is to have every official content for AoE II available from the base game, hardly they would launch stuff behind a paywall.

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Nope, Kingdom of Sukhothai was another kingdom; Ayutthaya conquered the Angkorians in 1350AD. They were very much active in the area. and would fit nicely between the Burmese and Khmers…

I want mine to be official and more than one level long


These new campaigs are nice, but more multiple level campaigns would indeed be cool. I just still don’t think they would charge for that.

YESSS I really want that too :smiley:

I play Total War Medieval II because of the crusades and i Will love to see a campaign about the Crusades and have new Knights on The Civs Like the Templar Knights and the Cruzader Knights where all Civs who fight on the Crusades has a special Knight with the clothes used on that country.

Like the Hospitallers :


Good if we can have Hospitallers, Templar Knight units in game mounted and unmounted versions maybe…

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Honestly, what I would like to see in a new pack/DLC is:

  • campaign for Lithuania (only nation, for now, without even a single scenario), which could be connected with Crusades, Teutonic Order.
  • a proper campaign for Slavs (Dracula doesn’t count for me): Kievan Rus/Novgorod/Muscovy - Russian princedoms.
  • one of the most important nations in Asia (Japanese, Chinese) should get new campaigns. Campaign about Korea would be nice addition too.

EDIT: Filthydelphia made great one-scenario campaign about emperor Alexios Komnenos. It would be nice to play this officialy as a 5-scenario campaign!

New nations in the future could be, for example: Georgians, Swiss, Poland/Bohemia (to have represantation for Western Slavs), Habsburgs/Austria (I’ve read that they were considered for The Conquerors), maybe Tibetans, Siam/Thailand.


The Rus campaign could be tied with the Teutonic Knights’ invasion.

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for 4 campaigns (5-6 scenarios) and some extra civs (3-4), I would be willing to pay up to 40 EUR. I got this game at a discounted prices (15 EUR) and I am nowhere bored with it after 100+ hours. Playing through hard and some multiplayer matches in between. The most fun I had since Bloodborne.

I would hope for campaigns of Charlemagne, War of the Roses, Louis I of Hungary, Ivan III Russia, Casimir III of Poland, the Ottoman conquest of Eastern Europe, etc. would be brilliant or perhaps something in the Americas before the Conquista or Africa during the age of exploration. I would not mind a campaign set during the dark age and feudal age entirely (the history of one of the barbaric tribes that did no make it like Avars, last scenario could be a desparate struggle to hold of castle age units for some time with some tragic end). I also loved the scenarios were certain resources were scarce or not usable (stone, wood, food) giving the game a very different dynamic.

Really one of the greatest games of all time (easy to pick up and so deep) - so for extra content I would be happy to pay.

Let’s hope for some more content, though I think I will be still busy getting all gold trophies and achievenements some months.

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There are already unofficial campaigns made by the same guys who made the official ones!
Try the young Tamerlane, it is truly fantastic (voiceovers, new cutscenes, compelling story). As good or even better than the official Tamerlane Campaign.

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As I’ve already said, I want to play “official” campaigns. Idc if the same people make their scenarios, it feels better playing them officially (from normal campaign selection menu).

@MSTRSup3rninja i feel the same, but now you get them for free…

I wish they hold a campaign contest with a cool setting (lithuania?). Best campaign gets a prize (€€€) and is incorporated in the main game.

I agree with @DizzyCrown52779 : china, korea and Japan deserve campaigns. So many stories to tell.

New civ: Flanders/low countries : militia and commerce.

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Pretty late answer I know but my dream DLC would either focus on North America or South/Central Africa.

There are lots of interesting civs there which aren’t covered at all and interesting stories to be told.

Civ ideas: Mississippians, Iroquois, Hopi, Chimor, Muisca, Mapuche, Toltecs, Zimbabweans, Kongolese, Swahili, Nigerians, Tongans, Maori, Samoans,…

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