Campaign Pre-built gates bug - losing health with units passing through

I have noticed on two campaigns that prebuilt gates have been losing health as units pass through, 50% each time, to the extent that you can completely destroy your own gates. This is obviously a bug which i have notices on the Joan campaign and the 4th Dracula campaign. I don’t know if this is a thing in RM games with pre-built gates, but has anyone else noticed this?


Yeah, that is legacy bug and it is already tracked. IIRC that bug only occurs in campaigns and custom scenarios. Let’s hope devs fix it in next patch :slight_smile:

that is 100% not a legacy bug. it only started since the last patch or so

One of the developers already answered to other pre-built gates bug post and confirmed it is legacy bug.

i guess we have a different idea of legacy bug but atleast for de this is a very new bug. taking damage on pre built gates every time they open has not been seen before a month or 2 ago

i consider legacy bugs stuff like palisade scanning or mangonel delete tricks. things that have always been there

Legacy bug is bug that existed back in the orginal CD version of AoE II. The damaged pre-builded gates is one of them.

so it was a fixed legacy bug that has been reactivated. i guess its technicaly true but not very useful in conversation. i still prefer the idea that legacy bugs refer to long lasting bugs rather then bugs that only apeared 20 years ago

Isn’t that on purpose?

This bug happened to me in the 3rd Jan Zizka campaign scenario.

nope the damaging of gates from oponing is definitly not intentional. its a recently created bug for de

I had this happen to me today in The Siege of Vilnius. The graphics for the centre of the gate (i.e. the gate itself, not the towers either side) changed to the western European style as well - not sure if that’s related.