Campaign presence lacking for Delhi (potential DLC 'gap')


I’ve been wondering the following.

According to ‘the internet’ there are currently 4 campaigns.

  • Norman (English)
  • The Hundred Years’ War (France)
  • The Mongol Empire (Mongols)
  • The Rise of Moscow (Rus)

HRE will probably be featured in French campaign and perhaps Mongols and Rus.
Chinese and Abassids will be featured in Mongol campaign as well. Perhaps Abassids will be featured in some crusader mission of the French?

What I cannot see is how Delhi is going to be included in ANY of the four campaigns. The Mongols never succeeded in crossing into India.

Does this mean that the ONLY way for Delhi to ever be included in ANY campaign is by creating a DLC that would include more Indian civs (for example Bengali and Dravidians), so that these civs can have campaigns in which they fight against Delhi and vice versa?

Am I missing something here?


It is possible that Delhi are going to be the stand in for the Persian Khwarazm kingdom the Mongol’s conquered. After all the Anushtegin dynasty which ruled it also descendet from Turks, just like the Ghurids in Northern India.

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It was the devs that announced those campaigns not the “internet” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

But yeah , I can’t wait to see what campaigns we are going to get in the future expansions.

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We might see historical mission again.
We only know the number of missions (it’s on the Steam page) but we don’t know if they are all part of the 4 main campaigns.
The number seems rather high so maybe some of them are historical missions.

Well the official AoE4 page is on the Internet so that is infact true but it shure sounds very silly.